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    Default Lake Tahoe to Yosemite to Death Valley

    The question is which route should we take from South Lake Tahoe to the west entrance to Yosemite ? We love adventure and interesting roads. We like to stop along the way and eat local or see sites. Should we go down on Hyw 88 , Hwy 108, or Hwy 4 ? Which would be the most interesting? It looks like Hwy 4 may have more to offer?
    Also, We will leave the park via Hwy 120 toward Death Valley on the last day. Where should we stay in Death Valley. We like anything as long as it is air conditioned!

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    Default Lodgings.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think the 108 or 4 would keep you interested and although I haven't travelled it, I have heard that Sonora pass [108] through Kennedy Meadows is a wonderful drive, but hopefully somebody will be along with first hand experience.

    As for Death valley, you will need that A/C in the summer ! In the park the lodgings are limited and it will partly depend on what time you get out of Yosemite, but Stovepipe Wells is a good option. Before Stovepipe is Panamint Springs and further into DV is the popular Furnace creek. I would research these using the Internet and check on availability, it is limited and they can get booked up, although you will find alternatives on the edge of the park in all directions.

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    Thanks so much, I will get the DV reservations today. The primary trip is the Yosemite visit, we will be there 3 days I will look at the Hwy 108 option. We are going in Aug. so I know it will be hot!! We are just passing through DV (just want to see it) on our way to LasVegas to fly out. Do you recommend a Pink jeep tour in Furnace Creek if we have the time? Or is the summer a bust for most activities in DV ? It looks like they have AC's in the jeeps...If so do you know which one to choose ? We love road trips and I always do this planning by myself, I just discovered this web site and I really thank you for any input you have.

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    Default No Summer Tours

    Pink Jeep Tours does not operate in the summer in Death Valley - not a big surprise. But, if you stock up with cool water (even a cheap styrofoam cooler, some motel ice, and some bottles of tap water) there are a few relatively short (less than a mile) nature trails in Death Valley that will certainly let you get the flavor.


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    Thanks so much. We will do what we can in the heat! We always have acooler in the car! How far is it to Las Vegas when we exit the park? 2 hours or so?

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    Default And cream.

    Don't forget your sunscreen and hats when you are out of the car !

    From Furnace creek you can head to Death valley junction [right by the Armogosa opera house] and head across the junction [slight right then left] that takes you on the Ash Meadows Rd to Pahrump and onto Vegas on 160. A couple of hours from the junction should do it.

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