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    Hi all
    I apologise if these questions have been answered before but reading around these forums, I am getting more confused with the endless possibilities! Last year, I took the advice of the RTA forum on a New England trip and the advice was great ! I had an awesome summer so I hope you can help me again!
    Basically, I have 3 weeks (Aug 1 - 21) I fly into LA and out of Seattle. Do you think my itinerary seems feasible?
    LA (two days)
    Yosemite (three days)
    Death valley (2 days)
    Las Vegas (2 days)
    Grand Canyon (day trip, couple of hours..?)
    Then the tricky part.
    I really want to see Yellowstone! Is it worth going up to Yellowstone for a few days crossing over Utah, then heading back west to portland and seattle? Will we have enough time to spend in y-stone? anything interesting from yellowstone to seattle?

    Or, should we not worry about yellowstone, and after grand canyon come back to the west and head north west towards washington?
    I get so confused with America as it so big and i cant judge the distances!! haha... anyway, any advice any one could give would be very greatly appreciated.
    Also, if we are hoping to get a walk up tent site in yosemite, what are our best options?

    thanks again and im sorry if this is a repeat thread.

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    Hello and welcome back to RTA !

    As there are so many options there is no one right answer as to what you should do, but if you really want to see Yellowstone then it makes sense to go there, but only if it suits your pace of travel in the time you have. Personally speaking, I think youhave a nice amount of time to keep things comfortable.

    You won't be able to visit the Grand canyon from Vegas as a day trip, it really isn't worth travelling that far for a couple of hours, plan to spend at least a night there. From the Grand canyon you could drive to Yellowstone in 2 full days, but as you have the time you could visit Zion and/or Bryce canyon in Utah, by driving up through Page and the Lake Powell area. Entering Yellowstone from the South, you can head through the Grand Tetons through Jackson. These National parks will be extremely busy in August and to stay in them [or close by] I would be thinking of looking for lodging options ASAP, I wouldn't be surprised if places like Yosemite, GC and Yellowstone are already booked up.

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