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    My husband and I are trying to plan our roadtrip honeymoon for September, but struggling to decide which route to take and where to go, and was hoping you could help!

    We were thinking of starting at San Fran -Yosemite-LA-Las Vegas. We have about 10 days to do this, as we would like to go to Hawaii for a few days at the end of the road trip.

    Is this do-able? is there anything we should add/take out, or should we fly to and from any of the destinations? Any suggestions welcome!

    Thanks x

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With 10 days you have time to make your trip and could possibly add to it, Grand canyon could be one of those, Death valley another, but of course it will depend on how much time you want to stay in each place.

    With the places on your "wish list" you could drive from SF to Yosemite and then back to Monterey and spend a couple of days driving down the scenic coast drive on route 1 to LA or take a straight shot through and then head to Grand canyon before Vegas.

    If your start and finish points are not yet finalised, you could start in Vegas and end in LA, driving across Death valley and heading North on 395 to the Tioga pass [CA120] into Yosemite and on to SF and then down the coast finishing in LA. This is a very popular and scenic route and will find lots of info throughout the RTA pages by using the search button in the top right corner of the page and by scrolling to the bottom of this page for "similar threads".

    Once you have had a look around and "nailed down" what you would like to do, I am sure we can help "fine tune" the detail.

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    Thanks for that. A very rough route I have done so far is:

    Arrive in SF for 2 nights (maybe 3)
    Day 3: Yosemite for 1 night (maybe 2?)
    Day 4: Death Valley for 1 night
    Day 5: Grand Canyon for 1 Night
    Day 6: Las Vegas for 2 nights

    At this point we don't know whether to fly or drive to LA, as we don't want the trip to be totally driving for days on end. If we fly would we miss much not driving?

    How does the rest of the trip look? Have I given enough time and nights inbetween each place? Would we miss a good drive not going from SF down the coast?

    We would do the trip the opposite way (LV to SF) but we would be in LV at the weekend which could be alot more expensive?

    Any comments and advice welcome!

    Thanks, Laura x

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    Default Something's Got to Give

    As Dave pointed out, when your trip consisted of San Francisco, Yosemite and Las Vegas over 10 days, there was a bit of room for minor additions on the way. You've now gone a fair bit over the edge the other way, trying to squeeze in way too much. As you yourself recognize, a honeymoon should not be a time when you are always on the go, running from place to place. So I'm going to suggest a middle ground. San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and Phoenix. That is still a lot to pack into 10+ days, but at least you could relax and enjoy each others' company in San Francisco and Las Vegas, get in some great hiking in Yosemite and at the Grand Canyon, and never be on the road more than half a day between sites. Now for the really hard bit of advice. Going to Hawai'i "for a few days" is really not such a great idea. Look, I went to Hawai'i on my own honeymoon for two weeks and loved it. I've also been back to the islands a few times on business, a couple of weeks on each occasion. It always takes me 'a few days' just to get over the jet lag and adjust to the pace of the islands before I even begin to start enjoying my time there. I can't imagine spending hour after hour on a cramped plane to get there, taking all that time to settling into the different pace of life, and just as I'm starting to get to the point where I can enjoy it, hop back into the cattle car to return to the mainland. Skip Hawai'i for now and spend the time NOT running from place to place but relaxing in Yosemite, Sedona, etc.


  5. Default Point taken!

    Thanks AZBuck, disappointed as I am, I definitely see your point, Hawaii may just have to wait for another holiday! So with Hawaii out of the picture this means we have an extra 5 days to play with! We still would like a good few days relaxing somewhere on a nice beach, so how would this itinerary sound:

    Arrive in San Fran for 3 days
    Drive to Big Sur/ Monterey- relax for 3 days
    Across to Yosemite for 2 nights
    Down death valley- one night
    Las Vegas for 3 nights (possibly with a stop over in Grand Canyon)
    ?? fly to LA for final 2 nights.

    How does this sound? Are we stretching ourselves again?

    Thanks so much for your help (and patience!) xx

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    Default more than a stopover

    The only thing I would recommend is that you use your 2 extra days for the Grand Canyon. Its a 5-6 hour drive from Las Vegas, and thus it is far too far to be a stopover or daytrip from Las Vegas. One overnight is really the minimum.

    From there, you could drive directly back to LA, or drive to Phoenix or Las Vegas for an easy flight.

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