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  1. Default Alberta to alaska to british columbia on a motorcycle - need ideas

    we want to depart from lethbridge alberta on or about july 23 2010. Heading north to edmonton, then somewhere in yukon territory, then somewhere in alaska, then south to prince rupert-british columbia, then take the ferry to port harding-british columbia, then to vancouver island, then vancouver, then back home to lethbridge-alberta.

    Please share your trip tips and ideas.

    Can we do this trip in 2 weeks? Or do we need 3 weeks?

    Thank you!!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You've got a fair bit over 4,000 miles to cover, not counting ferry rides, on a lot of two lane and back roads on a motorcycle. If this were in a comfortable sedan over Interstate Highway quality roads, I'd say that two weeks would be sufficient, but as it is your body is going to have to spend some serious quality time NOT riding, so if you possibly can, add that third week. You'll thank yourself profusely later.

    And get the current issue of The Milepost.


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    Thank you for replying. Checking into different routes.

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