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    So, its been about 5 yrs since I did my very first roadtrip from Phoenix to Montana. This time I am going to do it a bit different to cut out the one way car rental fees. I figure fly into and out of Salt Lake City and go from there. The things I want to see are Yellowstone, Grand Tetons (even if its just a day on the way to or from Yellowstone), Arches National Park, Mesa Verde. The route is sort of a pain because its not really a loop, but does anyone have any other suggestions to make the route a bit easier? Any other sites? I have been to Zion and Bryce, so not going to do them again. Haven't seen much in Colorado, but much of those sites are too far of a drive in one day to get there. I am thinking 10 days In May 2011. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    To see those places, I can see it as an easy loop from SLC. I'd suggest you go south first to give Yellowstone every chance to start thawing out.

    Out of SLC, take I-15 to US-6 to US-191 to Moab. See Arches and Canyonlands. Continue on 191 to Monticello and Cortez, and US-160 to Mesa Verde. Get back on 160 to Durango and go north on US-550 (Million Dollar Highway) to Montrose. Take US-50 through Gunnison to Poncha Springs, then US-285 to Denver. Head north, visit Rocky Mountain National Park if you want. You could then take I-25 to Cheyenne, I-80 to Rawlins, and US-287 to US-26 to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Then you can take US-20 out of Yellowstone to I-15 to SLC. There are other ways to get from I-25 to Yellowstone, my suggestion was based more on a direct route than any attractions.

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    That sounds like a great rote. I am going to map it out. I was trying to cut out any of the 8+ hour drives. Thanks so much!

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    Default Late May.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    That's a great route suggestion glc has made and won't have you driving all day, every day, but will certainly keep you active !

    I am thinking 10 days In May 2011. Any suggestions are appreciated.
    You can check out all the info on climate data on the Yellowstone nps site, but I would be thinking towards the end of May as more of the park opens up to visitors and if you do decide to visit RMNP in Colorado [recommended] there will be a higher chance of the Trail ridge road opening up.

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