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    I hope you can help. My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip this summer (mid July- mid August). We have 19 days, and want to see nice sights and beautiful nature. We will be in Boston for a few days, then NY city and finally in Washington DC, where we will rent a car. I really want to go to Canada, and my boyfriend would loev to stay at nature parks, maybe go for some hikes and such. We have camping gear so housing is fairly easy.

    I am looking for ideas and inspiration to what to see and where to go. The only thing planned so far is that we have the car for 19 days and we have a flight back from Boston, but we've been thinking about going from Washington-Chicago-Toronto-Niagara Falls-Ottawa-Montreal and finally to Boston. This is my first road trip, so I am not sure if this is even possible in the time we have.. We've also been speaking about going directly to Niagara Falls and from there to Toronto and so on and then go to Maine. Maybe this is better?

    It would be awesome to get some information from people who have done the same rute or parts of it. Where did you stay? what did you see? whats worth driving a detour for? ect. Any ideas are welcome. :)


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    Possible logistics issues - you need specific permission from the rental agency to take the car into Canada, and you will need passports. If you don't have passports already, it may be too late to get them by mid-July.

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    Thanks for the quick repply glc. We already spoke with the rental agency and they said we can take the car to Canada. About the passports, we are travelling from Denmark, so we'll have our passports with us at all time :)

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    Default Plan B

    Velkommen! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You would certainly have time for Plan A (going all the way west to Chicago) which would only require 4 days of driving interspersed through your 19 days. But, personally, unless there is some compelling reason why you want to see that city I would recommend Plan B (going to Niagara and then Toronto, etc.). This leaves you more time in one of my favorite parts of the country, New England. there is also plenty to see and do between Washington and Niagara. Similarly, going from Toronto to Montréal can take you through the Thousand Islands, and with the time you save by not going to Chicago, you can instead visit a truly unique North American city, Québec.


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    Hi AZBuck. After reading your thread I spoke to some people and without mentioning, they say skip Chicago (unless u have a specific reason to go) and go to Quebec. As I will get enogh city life during the first part of the trip, I think we'll go with plan B.

    Thanks for the links. I'll have a look.

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