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  1. Default Colorado to South Dakota via Yellowstone, late September - Feasible?

    Good morning from the UK.

    We and my other half were planning a road trip taking in the Rockies and Yellowstone. I haven't sat down to much planning yet, but a vague route was going to be based on heading from Denver to the South West of Colorado (Mesa Verde) and then North before heading through Utah and Wyoming to Yellowstone and Grand Teton. After that we were hoping to head through Montana to North and then South Dakota.

    We were hoping to do this over two weeks but I wonder if the weather conditions start to be an issue at this time of year. One of the things I was looking at was the Mount Evans highway which is closed after Labor Day. Does this suggest that snow/ice is going to be a problem at this time of year?

    If not, would love to hear anyones experience of this area and if there are any must see sights


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    Default Perfect timing, in my opinion

    Hello cubegame,

    My wife and I enjoyed our honeymoon in Rocky Mountain National Park in the last week of September 1978 and we subsequently traveled to Montana in her 1977 Honda Civic in September of 1979. There is every likelihood of seeing some snow/ice, but also every likelihood of that being restricted to higher elevations and not severe in terms of accumulation and duration.

    The Mount Evans road is on my "list" of drives to make one of these days, so I have no direct experience there, but I do suspect it closes after Labor Day due to its extreme elevation and precarious negotiation even under ideal conditions.

    You have every potential to experience cool days, chilly/cold nights, aspens all lit up with Fall color, and bugling elk in the valleys. Oh, and light crowds.

    Enjoy planning and taking your RoadTrip!


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    The Mount Evans road is 15 miles long. The last 5 miles to the summit is closed after Labor Day, but the first 10 miles remains open till the first weekend of October, weather permitting.

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