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    Default Mini Road Trip - Gold Coutry to Half Moon Bay

    Just a brief note on a short, relaxing trip - some of you may find it interesting.

    My wife and I left our daughter with grandma and grandpa in the CA Gold Country and took off down to the SF area for a few days. We are very familiar with the area (I went to school at Berkeley), but we had never been to Half Moon Bay, so we decided to base out of there this time.

    Day 1: Drive to Half Moon Bay, check out the town. It's a nice, laid-back town. Not over-touristed (like Carmel or Mendocino).

    Day 2: Drive down the coast to Santa Cruz, stopping for sight-seeing along the way (the coast is gorgeous on this stretch!). Poke around the Beach and Boardwalk.

    Day 3: Raining (pretty hard), so we went up to SF (about 45 minutes) and visited the Exploratorium. Tip for the Exploratorium: Come at around 2:00 to avoid the Field Trippers. This is a great place and you can spend several hours here - especially if you have a child in Jr. High with you.

    Day 4: Walk down to the beach in the morning, then a leisurely drive back in the afternoon.

    Highlights of the trip: Half Moon Bay itself, the Exploratorium, the Drive to Santa Cruz, the Flying Fish Grill in Half Moon Bay (excellent Fish Tacos)

    Lowlight: the Santa Cruz Boardwalk (I just found it cheezy and loud)

    Note: Half Moon Bay has no appreciable nightlife. That doesn't bother me - I am not much of a nightlife person - but if it is important to you, you should be aware of it.

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    Default Right-sized

    Sometimes a few days out there is just the right amount of refreshment. Sounds like you had a good time.

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    Default Three more suggestions for the area

    There are lots of great restaurants -- funky & otherwise in the Santa Cruz area -- but here are three must see places:

    ***Steamer Lane Because of the nature of the currents and cliffs, spectators can get ESPN-quality of some of the best surfers in the land right at the point -- with a naked eye. The Surfing Museum is located here too.

    (Photo by Dan Sedenquist)

    ***Natural Bridges State Beach. One of the very best place to see starfish and other wonder sea creatures.

    Plus in the winter months this is ground zero for the Monarch butterfly migration resting spot -- about 100,000 monarch butterflies hang out here for a few weeks. This is north of Santa Cruz about 10 minutes or so.

    ***Hands down -- the best place for local seafood....

    it's not fancy -- but the food is excellent. More about Phil's here. This is located at Moss Landing.


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    Thanks, Mark!

    We will probably be back in the area in the next year or two - the list gets longer and longer.


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