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  1. Default SF-SF - San Francisco to Santa Fe!

    My dear friend has convinced me that we both need to see the desert southwest. Every time I hear about New Mexico I get this image of fresh, dry air, adobes, art and spicy cuisine. So I said YES!

    I'd like to see the Grand Canyon and Sedona. She has a vision of a turquois necklace. :)

    She wants to drive all the way out there and all the way back. This might take a lot of time and despite my Prius, be rather expensive.

    I'm a fan of open-jaw trips; in this case we'd take a flight to Vegas, rent a car to Santa Fe or Albuquerque, and take the next flight back.

    I know which one would be faster. Which one's more fun? Cheaper?


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    Well, even with gas prices, I'd have to think that driving would be far cheaper than 2 open jaw plane tickets, plus a rental car with a one way drop fee. Although, you'll have to price things out and see how much your plane/car would actually cost.

    As far as more fun, you're probably going to get a pretty biased response on a roadtrip forum, but the chance to take two different routes (one each way) thus doubling the amount of things you could see vs. the chance to spend 2 days of my vacation dealing airport security and $25 checked bags, there's no double in my mind that driving both ways would be far more fun for me.

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    Thanks for the ideas. You're right, dealing with the Las Vegas and Albuquerque airports, and all that would "harsh our buzz" as they say. (Although I have some miles from SW airlines.)

    So, I need to put together an itinerary and workout a route from there.

    We're liking Bryce Canyon, Zion, Sedona, names to conjure by! Meteor Crater is along the route.

    It looks like 40 is the main route across upper AZ and NM. Doesn't seem too complicated. :)

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    Default Time is key.


    A lot will depend on how much time you can take for the trip, but I agree with Michael, actually I can't think of anything more fun than a road trip across the Southwest :)

    To create a loop you could travel around the South of the Sierra's to the Grand canyon and then from Zion head into Las Vegas and across Death valley into Yosemite on the way home. From GC to Santa Fe and back to Vegas there are an endless amount of options to choose from, some main ones being, Monument valley, Petrified forest, Canyon De Chelley and near to Santa Fe is Taos Pueblo. On the way back towards Bryce and Zion options such as Mesa Verde, Arches, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef come to mind. There is much, much more and time is everything, so take a look around the RTA pages with a good map to hand to start building your route and when it starts coming together let us know and we can help to "fine tune" your trip.

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