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    Default Advice for cross country move from San Francisco,CA to Baltimore,MD

    Hello everyone,

    I'm moving cross-country and my brother and I decided we would do a cross-country road trip to make the move more fun. We are planning on hitting the following places but I would love advice on planning the itinerary, saving money and on car/van rentals for a one way trip. We are planning on doing some camping as well as hotel stays in bigger cities.

    Roadtrip plan so far:

    San Francisco-Los Angeles
    Los Angeles-Las Vegas
    Las Vegas- Grand Canyon
    Grand Canyon- Santa Fe, NM (this may be too long? Advice on a cool place to stop between the two?)
    Santa Fe-Austin, Tx (another place where I need advice for a city to stop in along the way)
    Austin-Baton Rouge
    Baton Rouge to New Orleans
    New Orleans to Memphis
    Memphis to Nashville
    Nashville to Asheville, NC (to see Blue Ridge Parkway - possibly camp here?)
    Ashville to Baltimore (need another stopping place between here too?)

    Thanks for any input/advice!!! This is my first cross country road trip and I have no idea what I'm getting myself into! LOL!

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    I would do the following:

    Take 2 days from SF to LA and go down the coast road (unless you have already done that).
    LA to LV is a half day drive - you can either spend the half day in LA or LV, or do some sightseeing in between - such as Joshua Tree and the Mojave Preserve.
    LV to GC is 6+ hours. You may want to spend half a day the next day there, and go a few hours toward Santa Fe. You could go up into Monument Valley, then spend a night in Farmington or somewhere else near there.
    Santa Fe to Austin is definitely a 2 day drive - what you might want to do is head to Roswell. From there to Austin is 1 full day.
    I'd drive the Blue Ridge after Asheville, and take 2 days to Baltimore.

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    I'm actually in the process of doing this myself San Diego to Norfolk, with a very similar travel plan.

    One things that really helped me understand how long the trip would actually take is when I plotted it on a map. Community walk has a wonderful app that will alow you to save trip plans and will bring up your points on google maps for a great visual. Another option is on AAA, they will not only show you routes, and recommend scenic routes as alternative to major highways, it has loctions of hotels, gas stations, and hotels with reviews.

    If you're going to be on the road that much I'd suggest using a site like Along with some discounts and helpful reviews, when you book 10 nights you can get one free.

    And last piece of advice I have is rumage through the posts on this site. Just by searching key words, I've come up with some great tips. And verify every location you intend to visit with sites like Yelp and see actual photos and honest reviews.

    Hope this helps. Travel safe, and good luck!

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