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    Hi...New to this great website. We are heading to Alexandria Va from Ontario,Canada at the end of June. We will be heading down through Pennslyvania and Maryland. What we are looking for is something off the beaten path as a side trip since we have about 7-10 days. We were thinking about something in Dutch Country. We enjoy history, hiking and just exploring new things. Any suggestions about different routes or where to go would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    It would be very helpful to know where in Ontario you are starting from. Obviously, the difference between starting in Toronto or Ottawa is very different than if you are starting in Thunder Bay or Sault Ste. Marie.

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    Growf -- I logged in replied, hit "go advanced" -- redirected to login again, and lost about an hours worth of work. Ugh.

    Shorter version. Do web search for "Covered Bridges, Lancaster PA" and "Covered Bridges, Maryland". Plug information into GPS and voila! From Lancaster (dutch country) you can head West (US 30) to Gettysburg thru a number of small towns in about an hour if you don't stop. Lots of history there -- don't miss electronic battlefield map -- this is a sit down 30 minute experience in welcome air conditioning. Many independent tours are available here.

    Between Gettysburg & Frederick Maryland (MD) are three of the covered bridges -- off the main road. South of Frederick, MD road 355, is Monacacy Battlefield w small visitors center. You have to get off US 15/I 270 for either of these. MD 97 Further East, then South, has a nice "inn" if you happen to pass by for lunch or dinner (no beds) -- see menu at ttp:// Further South on 97 is Wheaton Regional park (Botanical Gardens, walking, picnics, things for kids, tropical greenhouse).

    Enquire at hotel about "rush hour" travel. You may want to grab a bite to eat, than navigate those times. Metro has all day passes valid around 9:30 a.m. to close. The west side of Arlington Cemetary (opposite Lincoln Memorial, is a great pickup point for a Tour Mobile, with all day hop on hop off privileges to DC).

    Going North of Alexandria there are five stops along the Washington Parkway. The first is Roosevelt Island, with great walking trails, and relative quiet Except for landing air traffic. Further North, two others overlook the Potomac for camera shots (poor exit from parking area), ruins of an 18th century fort, and area for picinics and hiking. This last one provides a convenient return to Alexandria (the other four provide none)

    Growf again.

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    I guess I should have mentioned we will starting out from Toronto. Thanks again

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    we head out monday from toronto,ontario to alexandria va. we would appreciate suggestions as to where we can overnight after crossing at the niagara border. we thought we would drive down over 2-3 days taking our time to stop along the way. also after we leave alexandria, we were thinking of heading to shenandoah any thoughts on that and where to stay once there. thanks for the help.
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