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    Need best and safest driving route....I am taking my 12 yr old with me (in a 2000 Firebird) from Milwaukee area to a friends in area around Tempe Arizona...I've been there 4 times but have taken flights, then rented car..This time I want to have some fun and actually drive it...I am good driving long distances no problem, just want to be safe and stay somewhere at a half way point for some rest.... Really dont care about scenic goal is just to get to HOT DRY WEATHER and enjoy Tempe with the daughter like we always do... (yes sick of this humidity already in Wisconsin feels like Florida YUCK!) So goal is really just getting there quickly and safest way....some suggestions on hotel for staying somewhere after 12 hrs of driving or so...
    Thank you so very much for any advice ideas etc....

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    Default an incredible contradiction

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Every so often we get a post like yours that has an incredible contraction:
    just want to be safe and stay somewhere at a half way point for some rest
    Milwaukee to Phoenix is more than 1800 miles. That is 3 full days (12+ hours each day) on the road, and simply put, there is no way to do this trip safely if you are only planning to stop once "halfway."

    Enjoying driving long distances is fine, but there isn't a route in the world that can make up in safety for driving beyond what your body can physically do. Every bit of research shows that you simply can not maintain peak focus for more than about 8-10 hours, and once you start getting to 12 hours and beyond, your alertness levels start to mimic those of a drunk driver. That's the reason that professional truck drivers would be required by law to take 3 days for this trip.

    The shortest route would be I-43/I-39/I-55 to St. Louis, then I-44/I-40 to Arizona. Your stopping points for a safe trip would be Springfield Missouri and Tucumcari, NM.

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    It is too bad you don't want to visit some of the sites along the way.

    Your route will follow the old Route 66 much of the way.

    Your daughter might like to visit Pops in Arcadia, Oklahoma, home of more different kinds of sodas than you can imagine.

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