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  1. Default Article: Seattle, Washington to the San Juan Islands

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    Looks good, I've added this as an alternative route to what I had planned on journey from Vancouver to Seattle (I'll be doing it in reverse) Road trip plan to date:,7.064209&z=7

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    Not a bad idea at all. Though for those who were looking more for a driving road trip, the islands tend to be sort of small.

    As a local, I would suggest the Museum of Flight south of downtown Seattle as a more attractive alternative to the Future of Flight - althuogh the latter is near the Mukilteo Ferry. The Boeing Factory tour is pretty good, but it's a factory and not a museum.

    As beautiful as the San Juans are, some, especially those from the east coast or other far away places might actually enjoy Vancouver and Victoria more. Especially if they like the more cosmopolitan atmosphere.

    Can't lose either way in my opinion, though I live here...

  4. Default Get to the island during the day if you can.

    This is a great trip. And ending the trip on a ferry to one of the most beautiful places in the states is just the icing on the cake. Try to take an earlier ferry so that you can arrive to the island during the daytime. There's a good chance you will see whales and orcas. Check this site out for some great deals around summer time:

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