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    Default San Francisco -- Lake Tahoe

    New to this forum.
    I'm planning on flying to San Francisco in a couple of weeks & driving to Lake Tahoe.
    Which is the most scenic way to drive to Lake Tahoe & back to San Francisco?
    Ideally I'd like to make a loop.
    Will have a couple of days in San Francisco & about a week in Lake Tahoe.
    What's not to miss in these 2 areas.

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    Default Basically, there are two routes

    Basically, to get to/from Tahoe from SF, you will need to take I-80 between SF and Sacramento. At Sacramento, you can take either US-50 (the most direct route to South Lake Tahoe) or I-80 (which passes to the North - you will get off the highway at Truckee and head South - it isn't far.) You can easily go up one way and down the other.


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    The most scenic way is 580 to 120 through Yosemite over Tioga Pass to 395. I'd spend a night in or near Yosemite and fully explore the park.

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    Default San Fran to Lake Tahoe

    thanks for the responses.

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