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    Default Honeymoon, 4 weeks from 26 Sept

    Hi there,
    I'm hoping to get some expert advice. Me and my man are getting married on 24th of sept and the plan is for our honeymoon to be a 4 week trip in the USA. We haven't booked anything.
    We want to go to Illinois at some point as we have friends there, other than that we wanted to go to san fransisco. I want to see some beautiful orange trees in fall. We also wondered about using the train at points (or is train a bad word on this forum!!). Was thinking of flying to Orlando and moving west, or would it be better to start west and finish east. We don't want to go to NY as we plan on going there next year for Paddy's day. So lovely experts where are the bestest places/ routes to go on a once in a lifetime trip. Any tips,
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    Default It's a Big Country

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Familiarity with the roads and byways of America won't breed contempt, but it will engender wonderment and outright awe at their scope. There are over 2 million miles of paved roads and 4 million if you include graded and maintained dirt roads. There are literally hundreds of major attractions and thousands upon thousands of worthwhile minor ones. You can cover any (small) combination of roads and attractions over 4 weeks, going anywhere in the contiguous United States. There is simply no way anyone can reduce those possibilities to a short list of the "best". I can offer you a few general pieces of advice. First, plan a loop trip where you return to the same airport that you start your RoadTrip from. That will save on both the airfare and the car rental. Second, only you and your fiancÚ are going to know what's best for you, so just sit down over a good general map and atlas of the US for an evening or two and look for those places that appeal most to you. Once you have enough major destinations chosen, play connect the dots and start looking for smaller venues in between. 'Train' is not a bad word, but unless you just take a short excursion and return to your train departure city, you're going to again have problems with renting multiple cars and paying multiple one-way drop off fees. If you truly want orange foliage in the fall, you're going to have to arrange to be where the hardwoods are, in the upper Midwest (WI or MI), the Appalachians, or New England, in mid to late October. There is color in the Rockies as well, but is mostly Aspens (yellow).


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