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  1. Default Looking for some input! NYC (NY) to Miami Beach (FL)

    Just bought a new car and am planning a ten day trip from Astoria Queens NY to Miami Beach Fl. I wanted to get some input from veterans of this route on what states offer along the way, must see/stop/do entities exist on the way, and suggested alternate routes that would allow myself and companion to have a more pleasurable, relaxing ride down with perhaps more scenery and actual Americanism along the way. I will be stopping in Myrtle Beach on the return trip from FL to NYC. I appreciate as much input as possible! Thanks to all who share.

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    Default Lots of Possibilities

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The question of different routes and possibilities for East Coast RoadTrips has come up before, so have a read through those suggestions and see if any fit your need, if not, or you just want something a bit different still, let us know.


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