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    Hi Guys,
    I am planning a road to Michigan where i will get along with few of my friends and then with their family we are planning for a trip to Niagra falls, Because this trip will going to be my first trip in which i will be driving the car alone till Michigan . I am taking help of GPS and route is also new for me . Since my spouse will be travelling with me , i need your suggestions, do's n don;ts for the trip.

    please advise.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A couple specific dos/dont to keep in mind.

    Do- bring your passport. Since the direct route from Michigan to Niagara Falls is through Canada, you will need it to cross the border.

    Do - remember to limit yourself to a reasonable amount of miles. Since you are a first time traveler and you are driving along, 600 miles is really the maximum you should even consider driving in one day, and quite likely 500 miles would be better.

    Don't be a slave to a GPS - your car goes where you tell it to go, and the great thing about a Roadtrip is that you aren't locked into someone elses itinerary.

    The planning section is also filled with lots of great articles and ideas, I think 7 Keys to Adventure is one you'd find particularly useful.

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    It also sounds like yo uare going to be trying to get there as quickly as possible. When you map at your route you should try to keep it to around 600 miles a day. You won't see much outside of your car window but it sounds like your main vacation is Niagara Falls. It's about 725 miles from Atlanta to Detroit so you are going to be looking at 15 hours for one day. You could split it up, see a little more on the way, and take your time. Lexington , KY would be an approximate halfway point.

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