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  1. Default legality of having someone else drive my car during a roadtrip?

    So me and my fiance will be taking a national park roadtrip this summer.

    We will be taking my car, which only had I am covered in the insurance policies.

    However, obviously I don't want to drive the entire way, so if I let him drive my car, and if, by chance, he gets pulled over, what's the legality of this?

    Right now he does not have a car of his own so therefore does not have any auto insurance, period.

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    You need to call your insurance carrier and get clear on this. Your fiancÚ would be what is known in the trade as an 'occasional driver' and most likely is covered. However, as you move closer to tying the knot, he is going to be driving your car more than occasionally, and certainly after you get married, he would need to be listed on your (presumably joint at that point) insurance coverage. In between dating and marriage is a gray area where I wouldn't put it past some fly-by-night underwriters to deny a claim based on his driving you car more than occasionally, but if you have decent coverage with a reputable company, there should be no problem. Call your company or agent and take names, dates, and phone numbers.

    If your fiancÚ gets a ticket while driving, it's his and his alone.


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