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    Default Planning a Road Trip from Abbotsford to LA


    I am planning a road trip to LA, San Francisco, San Jose, Cupertino, Portland in July. I would be travelling with children 8 and 1 year olds. Please let me know approximately how much time should I have for this. My husband would have to apply for leave accordingly.

    Also this would be our first long road trip in this continent, any tips and suggestions are welcome.

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    Default A Week Plus, Minimum

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Abbotsford, BC to L.A. is around 1250 miles, so can be easily driven in about three days of steady driving on the Interstates. But I assume that you want to actually see some of the places you've listed on the way (back?). So on top of a week for making the round trip drve, you'll need to add however many days you want to spend sightseeing. Also if you plan to see much of the coast by road (the Pacific Coast Highway, CA-1 or US-101) you need to add yet another day for each few hundred miles that you'll be on those scenic, and slower, roads.


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