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  1. Default NEED Advice for road trip from east coast to west!!!!!

    Me and two of my friends will be leaving from PA in August out west to CA. I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions for routes, what to bring, what to expect since it is all of our first time making a road trip like this. We want to see as much as possible but we only have about 2 weeks to do it all with a somewhat limited budget. For three guys in their 20's we could probably use any expert advice we can.

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    Default General Advice

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The basics of RoadTrip planning, including possible routes, equipment and preparation tips, etc. are covered here, and I'd say that's where you should be focusing yo our efforts at this point. Also, it's probably worth your time to sit down as a group and discuss what you want out of this trip. I will say that if you only have two weeks, and this is a round trip drive, you really won't have much time for wandering off the direct path, or visiting too many sites in depth. Once you have your own basics worked out, come on back and we can help work out the details. But right now, you haven't given us enough to go on to be of much help to you.


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    Default An additional day each way........

    Hello Petey,

    What many mean by "out west" is the mountains and deserts beyond the Great Plains. Be generally aware that the Rockies of northern and central Colorado, a wonderful area including Rocky Mountain National Park, millions of acres of National Forests, and innumerable sights and experiences, is around a full day's drive closer than western Wyoming and western Montana, where the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone are the headliners.

    That said, there's nothing remotely like Yellowstone and the Tetons, although I shudder to think of the high season crowds, being just a bit crowd-averse individually.

    Some ideas of what type of activities you're collectively interested in the first order of business. For example, on a rafting trip down the Colorado River some 16 years ago, my two buddies and I flew in and out of Denver and we patched together our own tour of "the brewpubs of Colorado and Utah" from Denver to Moab and back. Each night from and back to Denver was in a town with a notable brewpub, so we'd snag a motel room within walking distance, sample plenty of the local fare, and head off to the next burg the next day.

    Have fun planning and taking your RoadTrip!


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    Basically for three young guys, we want to have the best time we can with little planning. The idea of the open road to us literally means the open road with no expectations for what may be ahead. We'd prefer to stay over night in budget inns, hostels and the like if at all possible (cheap stays). However, an air mattress in the back of our pickup truck may be good enough for us when we decide to do some night driving so that way we can try to see more during the day while getting ahead on the driving. Roughing it at any time may be necessary and we all understand that. Maybe even packing a tent and some sleeping bags might not be a bad option either?

    The night life in some cities would be nice to experience but it's not our main purpose of the road trip. Some of the natural sites throughout the country I feel are more important, such as Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon are some examples. My friends and I want this trip to be the one where maybe we got to do and see some of the things that not many people get to experience at such a young age, especially while taking a road trip like this across country. Of course for a few young guys we want the experience that could be re-written into a movie but we all realize that things aren't as easy as they appear on the big screen.

    I think for us guys, things throughout the country that require lots of funds to do such as white water rafting, canoe trips, or guided hikes might not be the best option. This way we're more free to kind of come and go as we please while not having the trouble of keeping a budget for each place that we stop at.

    As far as our eating arrangements go, I think a cooler will serve as our refrigerator on the road for food and drinks, but I don't think any of us will be that cheap where we couldn't afford to go out to eat once a day or so.

    I appreciate all the help that I've already gotten, and I hope that this information will help anyone to maybe reply with a rebuttal. Keeping in mind that we're three young guys that can rough it when need be just so we can have one of the most memorable times during our last few weeks of summer before school starts.

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    The best advice I can give you from a planning standpoint is try to keep each day's drive down to no more than 500 miles and avoid night driving if possible. Yes, bring a tent and sleeping bags. Don't try to sleep in the bed of the truck, ESPECIALLY when moving! That's illegal.

  6. Default Free Campgrounds Throughout The US

    Anyone have a link ?

    For tents
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    Default nope

    There are plenty of cheap campgrounds across the the country - enough that several books and directories have been written on the topic.

    However, there are very few free campgrounds. Most free camping requires going into the back country of National Forest Lands - and even there you have to make sure you are following rules and regulations.

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