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    I'm going on a road trip and most of it has been planned...part of the trip thou is from Vancouver to Glacier and am wondering if anybody out there has a recomendation on a place to stay on the way there, am planning on camping so am looking for somewhere thats got beautiful views and not too isolated as am going alone....travelling in

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    There are two Glacier National Parks, one in British Columbia and one in Montana. They are 350 miles apart and in quite different directions From Vancouver, BC. So, which one is your destination?


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    The one in BC....actually was checking out stuff today and think I'm going to Yoho NP instead.. so anything in between Vancouver and Yoho? Thanx...

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    The drive from Vancouver to Yoho can be made by a few different routes, all of them quite scenic, but one stands out I think. Start out from Vancouver by going north on the Sea to Sky Highway (BC-99) past Garibaldi Provincial Park to Cache Creek and there pick up the Trans Canada Highway the rest of the way. Kamploops is a little less than half way, but is the largest town on your route and would make the best base for your overnight, particularly if the weather turns cold and nasty, a distinct possibility at that time of year. If it's nice enough for camping, then there's nearby Paul Lake Provincial Park.


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    Thank you soo much...very helpful..will take that route...

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