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  1. Default 1st road-trip from Chi - Yellowstone advice!?

    My girlfriend & I are heading out Sunday morning to reach Yellowstone where we have campsite reserved starting Tuesday...on our way there we want to make a few stops to see some other must see order to arrive in YStone on Tue in the early afternoon what do you think I should/could fit in along the way and where are good mid points to stop at and spend the night Sun & Mon? I have to get her back to work in Chicago by the following Monday morning : / wish we had more time.

    The Wounded Knee story really interest me although I have not researched much about the memorial Mt.
    Roushmore really worth all of its hype? I read badlands might be worth seeing?

    we are both in our late 20's so if the 1st day drive has to be long in order to make if west enough to see a few attractions that is fine with us since day 1 we will be fresh and going off adrenaline and excitement...

    we were thinking on the way back to Chicago we would make it more of a straight drive (stoping 1 night to rest) to spend max amount of time in YStone as I need to get my girlfriend back to work by Mon morning...thoughts?

    Thanks a ton!!


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Chicago to Yellowstone is really a 3 day drive if you want to make any stops. You'll be able to cover the distance in 2.5 safely, but that's really going to require you to be on the road for at least 10-12 hours both Sunday and Monday and that's before you factor in extra stops.

    You could probably make a quick swing through the Badlands, or make a very short detour to places relatively close to the highway like Mount Rushmore or Devils tower, but your time really will be too limited to do much more beyond that.

    2.5 days really is the bare minimum you need to safely cover this distance. Trying to make this drive in 2 days for your way back means you'll need to be on the road for far too many miles to safely cover - yes even with 2 drivers in their 20s.

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    ok I see thank you again for this advice......

    i will re-calculate our trip according to your your thinking Badlands and Mt Rushmore would be good stops that are relatively close to our route?

    also is there a specific route you suggest to take from chi-yellowstone? & then maybe on the way back the fastest route home?

    i agree with not driving more then we can in a day....thank you for that : )


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    If it were me, I'd look at taking I-90 one way and I-94. The places I listed are just a few of the things you could see along I-90. Obviously, there are many more things in the black hills, and you could also hit the classic tourist stops like Wall Drug and the Corn Palace.

    Wounded knee itself is a bit far off the freeway on your timeline - but there is a museum in wall. You might also look at Little Bighorn in Montana - but again, your really only going to have time to hit one or two of these places unless you can give yourself more time.

    I-94 would get you the perspective of North Dakota, including Teddy Roosevelt National Parks, which really is one of my favorite - and under appreciated - national parks out there.

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