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    We are planning a road trip from bloomington and we want to see ohio,new york,pennysylvania,new york,district of columbia,west virginia,indiana,these are the states and i dont really know where to go and the places to visit in these states.I know there are some people in this website who are the expert about the road trip and I need your help to tell me which places,cities we should see.Because i just got the usa and i wanna have the best road trip and the best moment in my life if you guys help me.
    pls comment and help me
    thank you for advance

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    What any "expert" will tell you is that there is no generic one-sized-fits-all "best" roadtrip. Roadtrips are different from other forums of travel because the best depends completely on building a trip to your specific interests.

    For others to be of much help, we need a lot more information, like what kinds of things you'd like to see, how much time, and which "bloomington" you are starting from (I can think of Bloomingtons in at least 3 different states, and that's just off the top of my head)

    In the meantime, I'd strongly encourage you to read as much as you can about the places you're looking at going. Get a big map, get a few guidebooks, and spend some time searching this site. The more basic, background information you have, the easier it will be to build a trip that is really best for your.

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    Your very basic interstate route to cover all of the areas that you want to cover is going to take at least 3 full days. This is if you are just going to cover the states and not see much other than what is outside your car window for your trip. If you tell us how many days you have that will help.

    Here is your basic, interstate based route would take you from Indianapolis (assuming you mean Bloomington, Indiana) east on 70 until you hit the PA turnpke (I-76) in central PA. 76 will take you to Harrisburg where yo ucan get on northbound I-81 to the the beginning of I-78. From there you can take I-78 east to NY. From NY you can take I-95 all the way down to DC. This is one of the heaviest traffic corridors in the nation so give yourself extra time. Take I-66 west from DC to I-81 in Virginia. Take I-81 South until you get to I-64. From I-64 head west into West Virginia where yo ucan take it through Kentucky to I-65 and back to Bloomington.

    Once again this is a basic, interstate based route that will give you the most of West Virginia that you can get on this run unless you want to spend more time in certain areas. I'm not sure how much time you have so I made it a basic route.

    If you just wanted to touch West Virginia and not really "experience" it, you can go up I-270 to Frederick and then west on I-68 through Maryland, touch West Virginia to Morgantown and head up I-79 from Morgantown back to I-70 in western PA.

    Really what Michael said is best. Build your trip around what you want to see. What I gave you is a very basic interstate outline of your route but as any of us will tell you, there is so much more off of the interstate that you can see.

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