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    Default road trip from texas to california

    I am planning to go for a road trip from Texas to California and I was wondering is there anything worth seeing on the route? Maybe I should start my trip in some other state, say Oklahoma or Colorado? I have vacation time from July 24th till August 8th, which gives 2 it possible to get from any of these states to Los Angeles making as many stops (for sightseeing, hiking, meeting new people) as possible? Please help me plan the adventure of this year ;)

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    Default Worst Case

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    You can get from anywhere in Texas to Los Angeles in three days of modestly hard driving, so a round trip over two weeks would leave plenty of time for sight seeing and the activities you list. But to be of any further help to you, we'd have to know where in Texas you're leaving from.


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    Probably Dallas, since my friend lives there and it is a great opportunity to visit her. So you suggest to make a round trip? I wanna rent a car and I don't know what's cheaper, to rent it in Texas and drop it off in California (one way rental is more expensive, right?) or rent it in Texas and make a round trip (gas expenses). I'm flying to Texas from New York, does it work the same way as international flights that the air fare is lower when you fly from the same airport? (sorry, I'm not american ;) ) If it does then the round trip might actually be a better idea. Could you also estimate the cost of that kind of road trip (I don't mind sleeping in a car, tent or some crappy motels).

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    I have driven from Houston to Southern California several times, so I am no expert on the trip from Dallas. However, from Houston, we have gone I-10 and then up through New Mexico to Santa Fe, which would link up on your trip over from Dallas. Santa Fe and Taos are wonderful. There are the Indian caves that are really interesting. If you choose to go south in New Mexico for some reason, you should sled on the white sands. It's fun. From Santa Fe to the Grand Canyon, make sure that you stop at the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, which are next to each other. You know enough about the Grand Canyon. Houston to LA, so presumably Dallas to LA, is three solid days. You can do it in two if you have two drivers, but I don't recommend it.

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    Default Arguments for a Round Trip

    Yes. as a general rule I would recommend a round trip, unless there are specific reasons not to. Usually, airfares are cheaper if your fly into and out of the same city rather than using a different city for arrival and departure (known as an 'open jaw' ticket), and the one-way drop off fee for a rented car can be substantial, $200-300 typically, and the cost of gas for the return drive is just about that same amount, so why not see more? As for seeing more, I would also recommend taking different routes westward and eastward, maybe heading up US-287 to Amarillo and taking I-40 west to Santa Fe, the Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and finishing up on I-15 into Los Angeles, and taking I-10 back to Dallas stopping at Saguaro National Park, Kartchner Caverns, White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns. But of course, those are just suggestions. The final decision is yours.


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    Thank you so much for your advice, it's really helpful.

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    Default route 66 road trip july 24th- august 8th 2010

    I would love to go for a road trip from Chicago to L.A. and I've already talked to experienced people who says that 2 weeks is enough to get from Chicago to L.A. and still it gives a lot of time for sightseeing, hiking, meeting new people... so is anyone interested? I want to rent a car, but I'm just 20 and I'm not american so it might be quite problematic for me, so if you're over 26 or you have your own car and of course you wanna go for that kind of road trip please let me know. Still my travel dates are pretty limited and absolutely not flexible, I have to leave on July 24th and be back on August 8th. I'm waiting for quick response since I have some other offer and if I decide to go I don't want to withdraw.
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    Default a huge detail

    Its too bad that you didn't mention that you are only 20. You are right, that will make it impossible to rent a car for this trip. Regardless of nationality, you almost always have to be at least 21 to rent a car.

    In the very rare case where you find anyone who will allow a rental at your age, you'll be looking at a per day charge of at least $50 per day, and will likely face geographic restrictions that will not allow you travel much past the state line.

    While I wish you the best of luck in finding another traveler, with your very specific timeline and goals, if you have another option, I'd recommend that you take it.

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    Thank you for your response, I think you're right I should take that another option...though the route is not that interesting. Thanks

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