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  1. Default Montreal, Canada to US....

    Hey all, we are a bunch of guys with a van in our early 20s and thinking about doing a road trip starting from Montreal, going to US and than coming back to Montreal. We've got 4-5 days for this trip.
    Now we haven't decided as to which cities we'll be going, and what activities to do or what route to take.....that's why we need all the advice we could get.

    thanks in advance

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    Default its a big country

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    When your target is "The United States" and you haven't told us anything about what you might be interested in, its hard to narrow down what things in this 3.5 million square mile area that would make sense for you.

    I will say with your time frame, you probably need to limit your focus to the Northeast, but you really just need to sit down with your friends and figure out what things you are interested in.

    I will also remind you that all of you will need to have your passports to cross the border.

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    Default Not Much, Surprisingly

    Bienvenue sur les forums de RoadTrip Amérique. Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Assuming you want to sleep in real beds and actually spend some time outside the car doing stuff, there really is surprisingly little of the U.S. that you can get to from Montréal with only four days for the complete round trip. And that, obviously, is limited to the northeast. If cities are what interest you, then you should be considering New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, with perhaps a return route through Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls and Toronto. But even trying to do all that would be pushing it.


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    Thanks Michael and AZBuck for your blazing fast response...this site is amazing and your help/advice is very much appreciated :)
    This would be our first road trip and mainly we are interested in exploring new areas, visiting ghost towns, sight seeing, beach, meeting people, nightlife, and just have fun...we are young and just want to surprise ourselves....We've also extended our trip from 4 days to 7 days, hence we've got more time on our hands.

    I like AZBuck's idea and I've put it on a map....looks good, take a look: (this is just a preliminary plan but I'm open to suggestions)

    Now we would also like to visit cape cod, which city/town should we go?
    I asked my friends that it would be a good idea to camp instead of motels but they're too new and scared to do so...therefore I would have to look for cheap motel/hotel of my friend suggested staying at hostels, I've no clue as to how that works?
    Any more tips on food, lodging or general would be very much appreciated...(meanwhile I'll do a search on the forum to see what tips I could gather)

    thanks once again.
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    Default pushing it

    Trying to do all of that in 7 days is going to leave you very little time in the places that you've listed.

    Think of it this way, you've listed 9 places you want to stop (before adding Cape Cod), so even if you eliminated all the driving you'd have less than one day to spend in each of these cities.

    Hostels are basically dorm style lodging, where you get a bed in a shared room. An advantage is that they can be cheap and providing lodging in the heart of a city, but the downside is that they typically charge per person - so while they are a deal for one or two people traveling, its really not going to be a deal when you've got a group of people.

    There are lots of sites where you can look for motel rooms, including this one if you hit the "air/hotel/car" tab on the green menu bar under the RTA logo at the top of the page. You could also look at sites like priceline and hotwire that often offer good deals, but you don't learn the exact place where you'll stay until after you've made your reservation.

  6. Default suggestions? alternative

    Thanks Michael for your prompt reply.
    We were being very optimistic but you're right, we won't have enough time to spend in those cities.
    Could you advise me a better alternative?

    I'm thinking:

    Cape Cod
    New York

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    Somethings got to give, but you didn't make any changes!

    I'd say the obvious thing would be to cut out your swing out west to Pittsburgh and Buffalo, but even that might not be cutting enough. and you'd still be on an extremely brisk pace.

    The reality is that no one can make this choice for you - its only something that you and your friends can decide based on what things you want to see most. Sit down and talk things over with your group and figure out what you want to do for pacing, and what areas are the highest priority for visiting.

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    One more possibility you might want to consider is to cut off Baltimore and Washington, DC completely (you might not have time to see anything there anyway - maybe better to save them for the next roadtrip), and drive from Philly to Pittsburgh visiting Pennsylvania Dutch Country on the way (Lancaster, PA area). It's quite a nice drive, and it's pretty interesting to visit Amish's villages, especially in the summer.

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    thanks all for your valuable help...
    Finally we're done with exams and had time to discuss this with friends.

    According to your advice, 7 days won't be enough to visit and enjoy many cities as mentioned above hence, we are thinking about limiting it to 3 cities. We have only decided on one city, Manhattan and I need your advice on what other cities we could go for bargain shopping (heard good things about woodbury premium outlets), nightlife, beaches, i mentioned earlier, we've 7 days and we don't mind going further deep into US.

    The way we would like to arrange this trip is to be present in Manhattan on a weekend. We are planning to leave on tuesday from Montreal. Therefore, your help would be much appreciated. I forgot to mention that none of us have ever been to US, this would be first time for all of us.

    thanks all

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    If you are planning on driving into and staying on Manhattan Island, bring a LOT of money. Parking is very difficult to find and will cost you at LEAST $50 a day. Hotels are frightfully expensive. New York City is far from being a "budget" tourist destination.

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