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    Hi guys,

    I have 10 days to expore a bit of California. I have a place in Sacramento where I can stay.
    So, what I thought is this:

    1st day: Napa Valley day trip.
    2-3th day. San Francisco. 2 Nights in SF
    4th day Point Reyes
    5-6th Sacramento with faimily
    7th day Lake Tahoe over Hiway 50.

    Any other suggestion? What do you guys think about south Bay area?

    Thank You,


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    Default Less is Probably More

    What you've got already seems like a pretty full schedule. Trying to squeeze more things in would just come at the expense of the places you've already penciled in, presumably because they most appeal to you. While there are certainly other things to do, places to go, and sights to see in the Bay Area, if you keep it to what you have now, you should have a great time. No regrets.


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    I would like to make a daytrip to Yosemite. But it is an 4hr drive. I don't think that I can make it.

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    No, Yosemite is not a day trip. That is a 2 day trip with an overnight. That's something I might do in between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

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