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    Instead of going to the Bahamas with all the other college students next year, some friends and I were thinking of going on a road trip instead. I realize this is pretty early, but we still have a few people to convince so we thought we'd start planning now!

    We have 10 days off around the second week of March, and we'll be starting and ending in Baltimore. Other than that, we're pretty open. Since we're all from the Northeast (NYC, Boston, Philly, and DC), we'd like to try seeing somewhere south and/or west. We're not expecting to swim or anything, but some warmer weather would be nice! We all like oddball, off-the-beaten-track kind of things, small towns, the outdoors, and maybe seeing a city or two that's different from what we're used to. Long distances don't bother us, since we're self-proclaimed mix tape aficionados and love driving. We have a fairly tight budget, but don't mind eating cheap and camping to save money for gas and seeing the sights.

    This is pretty general, but we're just looking for some suggestions to get started on figuring out our route. Thanks for any help you can give us!

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    Default Somewhere in the U.S.?

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    Seriously, with 10 days, a goodly number of driver/navigators, and not being bothered by long distances, everywhere in the contiguous United States in within reach. If you'd rather spend at least half your time out of the car exploring the places you've driven to, then you're pretty much limiting yourselves to the southeast (with warmth being a factor. Even if the Gulf hasn't recovered by then, that leaves no shortage of places, including the Appalachians, the Mississippi, the Ozarks, and the towns and cities therein. If that's your choice then the things you should be looking at include the Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smokey Mountains National park, Atlanta, Memphis (and Tupelo) New Orleans (and Baton Rouge), Vicksburg, the Natchez Trace Parkway, Branson, and a whole host of smaller venues scattered throughout that general area.


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