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    My husband and I are planning a road trip from NH to CO this July. Can anyone suggest places of interest between the two? We are planning on stopping in Niagara Fas ON our first night (about 10 hours drive), then from there, drive through IL, NE, etc to CO.

    Or... any other suggestions?

    Thank you

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are literally thousands of things you could do on this 2000+ mile trip, and you're really told us nothing about what you might enjoy. If you are going to Denver, you're looking at a good 4 day drive, with Niagara Falls being a decent stopping point. Chicago and Omaha or Lincoln NE would make for logical other places to stop.

    Without knowing how much time you have, what you are interested in, and really without more specifics about where in Colorado (a 100,000 square mile target) you might be headed, it is really hard to give you useful information. However, I suspect that this list would at least give you a starting point.

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    Oops.. sorry.

    We are leaving July 10th and hope to get back to NH July 24th. 15 days. We are going to Aurora, where I have family. We are figuring 4-5 days to get out there and 4-5 days back, leaving 5-6 days there. We are flexible. We are doing it for 2 reasons... to see family and to just go on a road trip and explore. We are driving a BMW Z4 convertible. Just two of us. We will stay in hotels along the way. Love doing things off the beaten path. My husband has not had a vacation in over ten years. When our children were younger we would wake up on a Saturday, hop in the car and drive. No particular destination... bags were always packed in case we didn't make it home that night. We found the most interesting things this way and have so many great memories. Hidden waterfalls, the oldest general store in America, great food, hikes, gorges, etc. Now we are empty nesters and work has taken way too much of our time. My brother will take care of our itinerary in CO, but I am interested in things we should stop and see along the way.

    Thank you for the welcome. I am finding some great information here and will check out the list you mention.


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