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  1. Default Help:Going from Baltimore to Yellowstone via Mt Rushmore

    Could use advice on how much time to see most of the best sites. Where should we definately stop and visit? Any hints on economical lodging on the way? If possible, we may plan to come back by way of Bryce and Zion. Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    The whole point of RoadTrips is to have the freedom to go where you want, to do and see what [/b]you[/b] want. there is simply too much good stuff between Baltimore, Yellowstone, Zion and back to Baltimore to give you a short list of the 'best' (which may not even suit you). so before anyone can be of real help, they're going to have to know a lot more bout your desires for your trip. What are your interests? How much time do you have? What things are you already considering? How many in 'we'? What do you consider economical?


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