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  1. Default Athens, GA to Mt. Shasta CA - East to West Coast trip!

    Hi fellow travelers!

    So, I'm planning a 'how ever long it takes' road trip from Athens, GA (Atlanta area) to Mt. Shasta CA. I was wondering if anyone has made a trip similar to this? If you have made a trip like , please give me a heads up on the best sights to see and all the must stop locations. I do not care how long the trip takes, but I would like to know how much gas cost was on your trip to give me an idea. I'm not interested in food stops, unless it's a must! So please if you've made an east to west coast trip let me know the best routes/stops/places to visit on the way

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    Default too much to start

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your question really is far too broad to have any meaningful answer. With no time limit, and a trip that goes from coast to coast, the number of possible "best routes/stops/places" is into the millions and beyond. You've said nothing about the types of things you might be interested in, and there just is no way for anyone else to start narrowing down a trip that could potentially cover all of North America.

    However, this site is full of information that will help you start making plans. The Fuel Cost Calculator can help you estimate your own fuel costs, based on your own route and vehicle. The Roadtrip Routes and Planning Sections are both filled with lots of articles to help you figure out where you want to to, and how to get there. And of course, this is an entire forum dedicated to roadtrips, so there are lots of other ideas, tips, and field report that can be found if you take a little time to look around.

    Once you've got more of a plan in place, we'll be much more able to help you put all the pieces together and answer what specific questions you might have.

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    Well basically I don't care how long the trip will take, I'm more focused on the experience itself. I'm really just interested in hearing what routes other people have taken and what were some of the places they visited. I'm traveling to Mt. Shasta CA on a spiritual trip. I would like to visit any other 'sacred/holy' places in between there and Athens GA. If there are any churches or shrine along the way that are considered sacred/praised I would love to visit them. I'm really interested in any kind of oddity along the way also. If you know of any thing like this please let me know. As for the routes I'm willing to take almost any route, I do want to pass through as states as I can going there and back. I'll probably take a different route too CA and then a different route back to GA.

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    Default So Many Choices!

    Well, then, consider Nauvoo, IL and Salt Lake City, UT which are sacred to the Mormon faith; Canyon de Chelly near Four Corners, sacred to both the Anasazi and Navajo; the 'road' from Kutz Canyon in New Mexico to Pueblo Bonito in New Mexico; the 'vortices' of Sedona, AZ; the early Catholic Missions all up and down the California coast and the El Santuario de Chimayo Shrine in New Mexico; and the Amana Colonies In Iowa. There are, of course, tons more, but those are some that I've been to and enjoyed.


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    Thanks for the recommendations, these sound like great places to visit. Anyone got anymore?

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