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    I'm planning a road trip with a group of 5 people from June 21st to July 2nd. We want to leave Chicago in the early afternoon on the 21st, rest in Rapid City and see Mt. Rushmore on the 23rd. Arrive in Yellowstone on the 24th and stay until the 28th,head to Colorado Springs to ride up to Pikes Peak on the cog railroad.We stay until the 30th then come back to Chicago on the 2nd. Are there any spots on the way where there will be a lot of traffic? Also, are there any scenic roads we should take?

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    You've left yourself enough time to get to your major destinations and to enjoy them once you get there, but you don't have a lot of extra wiggle room left. Remember that every stop you make along the way will take longer with 5 people than it would if you were alone, and you'll probably make more stops to accommodate everybody's different biorhythms. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do in addition to just zooming down the Interstates. Take the time, for example to drive through Badlands National Park. You can't spend a lot of time there, or climb to the highest peaks, but a quick stop at the eastern meadows of Rocky Mountain National Park would be in order. And on the way home, in western Nebraska, use US-30 instead of I-80 and stop at some of the old icons of the Oregon Trail along the Platte River.


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    Good trip! I have done a similar trip before and will again I am sure. The best time to see BIG things like rushmore, crazy horse mountain, tetons, etc is at dawn or dusk. The low light angles bring out all the colors. I didn't understand this until I saw the Grand Canyon at dawn. Really cool!

    Also, when you calculate your driving time take into account the higher speed limits out west.

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