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    hi everyone, me and my mates are from australia and are planning a road trip in america next year, starting in new york and ending up in vegas, and are thinking about hiring winnebagos ffor the trip, any ideas for must see places and does anyone know the rough cost of petrol? starting in new york, then chicago, memphis, miami, then flying to la, then driving to san fran then vegas, plus any helpfull tips would be swell... cheers big ears

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It sounds like you just need to take a look at the RTA Fuel Cost Calculator. That has all the resources you need, including current fuel prices, as well as mileage estimates for most cars. If you go the RV route, you'll likely be looking at 8-10 miles per gallon, as a rough estimate.

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    Default Lot's of resources at RTA.

    G'day !

    It must be quite a big group as you say "Winnebago's " in the plural sense. In the US the RV's [campers] are a lot bigger than we are used to in the UK, and MAYBE you in OZ. They are quite an expensive option as well, but with a group of people travelling it can work out OK, the larger RV's sleeping up to 6 or 7.

    We don't do "must sees" here, as one persons dream location can be another's nightmare, but by searching the forums and RTA pages in the tool bars above, you will find a wealth of information. You don't say how long you have in the US but with a few of you sharing the cost, it might be worth considering taking a one way drop fee on the chin, and driving across the Country.

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