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  1. Default Seattle to where? 8 day round trip in a 1965 Mercury convertible in August?!

    Hello all! The road calls me and my recently acquired 1965 Merc. Convertible. I may go solo, or with a friend if I can find A. one I could put up with for 8 days straight (and them me)! B. one that has the time....

    I would really like some suggestions on a great trip that could loop me back to Seattle in 8 days. I'm getting a bit older, and am not a big hiker anymore, will be moteling/hoteling it, and just want to cruise some beautiful scenery with the wind in my hair.

    I am an old veteran of power road trips, did NYC to Seattle in 3 dyas on four different occasions, driving solo. Granted that was when I was 25! ;)

    I wish the SW was closer... love the parks down there like Monument valley etc.. probably too far, you think?

    Any suggestions? Where would you go?

    Thanks gang!

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    Default A little research.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It really is a question only you can answer, and by looking around the RTA forums and pages in the tool bar above, you will find Lot's of ideas and routes.

    As you mention the National parks, creating a loop by going to Yellowstone and the Tetons in a Easterly direction and dropping South a little [Twin falls ? ] and across to Klamath and Crater lake, Mount Hood etc, could be a basis on which to build your trip.

    It would be close to 1000 mies less than say, SLC to Monument valley, Grand canyon, Yosemite and back to Seattle, which although doable might be too much for the time avaolable.

    Do a little research and when you have a clearer picture I am sure we can help to "fine tune" your trip.

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    August may not be a good time to head for the desert Southwest - it gets pretty hot down there. Convertibles are a lot of fun, but when it's 110 in the shade that's just brutal. I think I'd concentrate on the northwest quadrant of the country - how about something like Glacier, Yellowstone, and the Colorado Rockies?

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    Default Just curious...

    Is that a Comet, Meteor, or Cyclone?

    I forget which came out which years, and which had convertible options, but I came from a Mercury family and we had a '62 Meteor and a '67 Cyclone... great cars.

    I got my first two speeding tickets in the Cyclone on a weekend road trip to the Coliseum to watch Cal get creamed by USC or UCLA or some such school (1970; I remember the tickets and the loss, not the opponent).

    With 8 days you could do a loop south from Seattle and hit some (but not all) of:

    Oregon Coast, Redwood parks north of Eureka, Oregon Caves, Crater Lake, Columbia gorge, Mt. Ranier, Olympic Peninsula. You'd need to do some weeding of the options and planning.

    I have to say, as a convertible owner myself, you should consider doing the redwoods with the top down:

    Putting the top down on Avenue of the Giants:

    Photo: Don Casey

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