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    Default Falling Water Pennsylvania, and Frank Lloyd Wright Houses

    We really want to come across from the UK and visit Falling Water, the Frank Lloyd Wright house is Pennsylvania. However we would like to see a few other FLW buildings along the way. We wonder if anyone has any suggestions or has done their own routes. We can fly into and out of Pittsburgh, Chicago, Washington DC, New York or anywhere else suitable (and would prefer an open jaw so we can cover some distance). We are happy to drive a few hundred mile in a week - and we are looking at about a 10 day trip. We love to go off the beaten track to small town America and also enjoy the big cities. We are thinking of October November time but flexible.
    Love to hear any suggestions - we are looking into it but a bit lost at the moment! ;-)
    Dave n Jon

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    Default Oh, So Many

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are enough Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings throughout the Midwest that you can certainly make an enjoyable RoadTrip out of a journey from Pittsburgh (nearest airport to Falling Waters) and Chicago (literally dozens of FLW designs). That's only about 500 miles total, but of course, you can add many miles in your visits to other homes.


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    Default His Home

    If you are considering flying out Chicago, then I'd look at traveling up into Wisconsin, where FLW grew up and spent most of his life.

    Specifically, Taliesin was his home in Spring Green and is has several examples of his work. However, there are many other examples in nearby Madison and several other towns in the area.

    This website should be of great help if you choose to go that route. Spring Green is about 700 miles from Fallingwater, so that certainly could be a part of a 10 day trip. If that was your final destination, you'd be looking at a 3-4 hour drive back to O'Hare.

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    If you start in New York City, then you could see the Guggenheim Museum. That would add at least a day to your trip (NYC to Pittsburgh is a full day drive) and a lot more miles though.

    I've been to Fallingwater and it is wonderful. My brother went out to see it at another time and visited Kentuck Knob, another house just a few miles away from Fallingwater, which he said was amazing as well. Sounds like a great idea for a USA road trip.

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    Default Thanks for your help

    Thats all great guys and thanks for your help. There are SO many houses in the area, and thats our main problem - choosing ones that are great examples of his work, and also ones that we can ideally have access to (tours, visits etc). Still open for more pointers. Wonder if anyone else has done a FLW Road trip anywhere elses in the USA? Thanks again.

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