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  1. Default Advice for uk couple doing road trip from new york to tampa florida

    Hi everyone, just thought we'd try this forum to see if we can get any help on our forthcoming road trip.
    We are flying from uk to new york at the beginning of august 2010, where we are picking up a car and taking a leisurely drive down to tampa florida for a wedding.
    We will probably take three or four days to drive down, but we have heard there is not a lot to see on the I95, so we would like to detour around taking in some of the must see sights along the way.
    Can anyone suggest some good places to visit, and where's best to stay over night.
    We would like to see some famous sights, not bothered about theme parks etc, dont mind beaches, don't do rip off expensive places, not interested in politics or religion, (no offense!), just regular ordinary people wanting a nice trip.
    Any help much appreciated, regards Tony and Alison

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Since a large majority of the United States population lives within a short drive of I-95, the notion that there isn't a lot to see or do along this route is misguided at best and perhaps laughable at worst. Yet it is a common perception and likely not to be changed among the general populace any time soon.

    You might want to consider grabbing a copy of Drive I-95 for a comprehensive guide to what you can find near that highway.

    If you're still insistent on getting off the Interstates, and I can understand why, you might want to consider Virginia's Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway for part of your trip. Keep in mind that the speed on these roads will be much reduced from the Interstate, but will offer you a nice relaxing drive along with great scenery every mile.

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    Default Always Choices

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    For starters, have a read through these alternatives to I-95. You have the time for one of them, but not both I'm afraid, so choose wisely.


  4. Default Thanks a lot guys, i love forums like this!!

    Thanks for your great replies already, the drive I95 book is on order, that will be great, just what we need.
    Also love the alternatives to I95 given, we will certainly try and take some of those in too.
    The more i read on the forum the more i see other threads from people who have done similar trips, so i will read them all and try to pick out the juicy bits!!

    Just one thought we've had since.... In uk we motorhome travel a lot, should we maybe think about hiring an rv/motorhome instead of a car or is it just easier to stay at your fine motels along the way?? Any thoughts??

    Once again thanks very much for your input, look forward to reading more, and look forward to the trip!!
    Regards Tony and Alison

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    Default Motorhomes in the Short Term

    Disclaimer: I've never been a big fan of motorhomes. A small, nimble RV/SUV that provides covered sleeping while it still gets decent mileage and is capable of sustained highway speeds is a different animal, but the full up motorhome with kitchen, bathroom and attendant power and waste disposal problems always struck me as trying to carry around too much on a RoadTrip that should be more about the freedom to get up and go down the odd back road as the whim strikes. That said, I think that even if you are a fan of such travel (and I realize that there are many people who love it) renting an RV is an expensive proposition. It is far more costly just in terms of dollars and cents than getting a comfortable touring car and sleeping in real beds. In the U.S. you would be hard pressed to find any area along a major highway that didn't have a number of motel/hotel/inn/B&B choices within a very short distance. Others may disagree with me, but I think trying to deal with a big RV, driving on the 'wrong' side of the road, and the expense involved argue for a smaller vehicle.


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    I agree with AZBuck. The bigger the vehicle, the more restricted you will be on sites you can visit. Some very good attractions are inaccessible to full-sized motorhomes. I would stick with the rental car and stay in the motels or B&Bs.

    I also second the idea of taking the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway. You can even get off at strategic locations to take in an attraction, and then get back on again further down the road. The Great Smokey Mountains have some wonderful scenery.

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