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    Hi ,we're an English couple on the verge of retirement and have a hankering to see America using an RV for complete mobility.We would really like to see the best of America at leisure so we are planning to take about 4weeks to do a decent road trip.We thought maybe New York to New Orleans but we are open to suggestions from people who know.It would obviously better to start and finish at a main hub for ease of travel but we want to see and meet the real America and and its people .Thanking you in anticipation ,Limey's on tour.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A couple of points to start; To be clear, I love the RV lifestyle, but I am not sure I understand "complete mobility". They are less mobile and more expensive than a car and Motels for a couple, and are not that nimble to move around in, especially when in City's. You can't just stop any place you want for the night, and in most cases would need to find campgrounds, so no different to finding a Motel.
    If you are looking to explore natural wonders such as the National parks, they can be awesome, as long as it is right for your choice of lifestyle, to summarise they cost more, are not as nimble as a car but camping under the stars in the heart of nature can be pretty awesome.

    "Real" America with "real" Americans can be found everywhere, it's actually tougher to find "unreal America". ;-)

    "Best" is a very individual thing, that is one thing you will see a lot around here. If New York to New Orleans is what appeals to you then go for it, me, with an RV, well we like the National parks and diversity of the West, the National parks, Desert, small towns etc. You could do a one way trip across the country, but you would be facing some heavy one way drop off fees from the rental Co.

    With a Month to do some exploring, and no start point in particular, there are millions of things to choose from, to many to start listing at this early stage in the planning. I would get a good map of the US and start searching the RTA site [where you will find a wealth of information] and see what appeals to you, then put some dots on the map. When you have taken those first steps we can help you build your trip but untill then it's pretty much impossible to offer meaningful suggestions.

    Have a look around and please ask as questions arise, enjoy the planning !

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    Thanks for the advice. We will invest in a decent scale map and a guide book and think some more.

    Thanks from the Limeys on Tour

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