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  1. Default two month canada us summer road trip

    hey everyone,
    me and my gf are planning on doing a road trip this summer in the us and canada and any tips or advice would be great, we are starting in boston on the 1st of july, driving to washington dc and staying with my uncle for 3 or 4 days then driving to new orleans, spending a night in a hostel there and then driving through texas, staying with a friend near houston, we are going to hit waco texas to do some rock climbing and then go through new mexico to California stopping to hit the grand canyon maybe, stop at LA and then take the pacific coast highway up to san fran, then maybe cut back in towards utah and those middle states and check out the grand tetons and yellowstone.
    after that we are going to drive to Vancouver and stay with friends and familiy and maybe try and do some piece work picking berries in kelowna, then drive back across canada stopping in the major cities to vist friends/familiy then driving up around the great lakes, down to toronto, then back to montreal for the last week of august.
    i know its a lot of driving but i think we can do it, we have budgeted about 3k each or 6k in total for everything, and just under 2 months time.
    suggestions, tips, cool places anywhere along the trip to stop, anything is helpful :)

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    Default Miles Aren't the Problem

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There's nothing wrong with your trip per se, People take such extended RoadTrips all the time. The miles, while long, can certainly be covered at a reasonable pace over two months, allowing plenty of time for visiting with friends and relatives. The problem is with the financial aspect. Of your $6,000 roughly $1,500 will have to go to gas to cover those 10,000 miles leaving you $4,500. That's only $37 a day for each of you. That won't get you a hostel and three squares. So unless your basic plan is to rely on the kindness of your friends and family for about half of all your food and lodging, this is not going to work. You cannot plan on supplementing your income by picking up occasional work along the way when the economy is such that people with local connections, experience, and the need to put food on the table for their families will be competing with you.


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    Default International Issues

    Buck's concerns about money are very valid, and there is an extra concern with your specific plan: border crossings.

    If it does not appear that you have enough funds to cover the cost of your stay, it is quite likely you will simply not be allowed into that country. We've actually had people come on this forum before and complain about being denied entry for that very reason. You didn't mention your own citizenship, but if you are not Canadian Citizens, you can not work in Canada (even doing small jobs like berry picking) while visiting the country as a tourist (the same is true about working in the US if you are not citizens and are visiting on a tourist visa/visa waiver program). If border agents believe you plan to work while you are visiting, they will deny your attempt to enter, and if you are caught working while visiting you could very well be arrested and deported.

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    for the cash, my girlfriend has extra money she can contribute if we run dry, she is american and if we get stuck in a sticky situation her parents will help as well. we are staying at friends places for the west coast, Houston, Washington and all of Canada except northern Ontario.
    how much money do you think would be a good budget for the trip?
    for the borders, i'm a dual Canada US citizen and she is a US citizen in Canada on a study permit.
    also we were sort of planning on camping/sleeping in our car for some of the areas where we don't know anyone and only staying in hostels in places where we want to spend some time in the city.

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