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    Please excuse me if this type of questions is already asked but I could not find similar trip in a quick search.
    We are 3 people with ages 27-30.
    We would like to go for a week long road trip sometime in June or July.

    Our current location is South FL and we are interested in more of a nature, sight seeing road trip in which we might include a quick visit to one or two cities.
    One place where I am interested to go is Yellowstone park but not sure if that can be covered in 7 day trip since it will take almost 2 days just to reach without stopping.

    So please provide suggestions where we can go and what places we can visit.
    Also is it safe to assume this trip can be covered in say in $1200 excluding cost of car rental? Can it be cheaper than this. All of us are grad students if that can get us some discounts :)

    Thanks in advance

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    Reality check - you can't make it to Yellowstone in 2 days if you drive 24 hours a day! Computerized driving times do not account for ANY stops - food, fuel, traffic and construction delays, or even going to the bathroom. With only 7 days to work with, you need to restrict yourself to about 1000 miles away from home. Get a map of the US and draw a 1000 mile circle around your home and you can pretty much go anywhere inside that circle. We HIGHLY recommend that you do not try to drive more than about 500 to 600 miles a day, and that assumes Interstate highways with no sightseeing delays.

    You are probably looking at a trip through Atlanta, then up into the Smokies.

    $1200 will probably not cover all 3 of you for a week, even if you tent camp.

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    You are surely right about yellowstone.
    I am a bit surprised about that $1200 not in the range of the travel cost for this trip.
    Lets exclude the hotel cost too (I will be paying all the hotel costs via miles - i have enough to cover hotel cost for 7 days).
    So apart from hotel and car what may be the total cost for this trip?

    Apart from Atlanta and Smoky mountains are there any other interesting places in our reach?
    Would it be better to get a cheap flight to Atlanta for example and then go on road trip.

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    Lets forget about cheap flights as there do not seem to be any in June/July.

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    Figure 15 cents a mile for gas for a typical rental car. Say you drive 3000 miles by the time you get done, that's close to $500. In order for 3 people to live on $100 a day, be careful where you go to eat. Good thing you have those miles, hotels would be totally out of the question on that budget.

    In the Southeast, you could do the mountains one way and the coast the other way. Atlanta was just an example, but you may like Savannah and Charleston better, and Asheville is a nice mountain city to visit.

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