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    Hello Everyone, I am going to take my yarely vacations of 25 days and I am considering the idea of a road trip with my wife; I want to visit my family in Montreal; I will be leaving from Las Vegas and I wish to spend at least 15 days at my final destination; so I am thinking to rent a car to get there and then fly ourselves back; anybody could be so kind into give me any suggestions about how long this kind of trip can be? Places to visit on the way? Where to stay? I don’t want to spend more than 10 days on the road, but I want my wife and I to have fun and experience the great outdoors! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Your plan as stated is impossible. You cannot rent a car in the U.S. and drop it off in Canada. So first you'll have to figure a way to avoid that. One would be to do your RoadTrip to (say) New York, drop off the car, and take the train to Montréal. Or you could drive to almost anywhere (in the U.S.) and fly to Montréal.

    You do have passports for everybody. right?

    Normally, the drive from Las Vegas to the northeastern United States can be made in 5 solid days of driving, so having twice as long, means that you can wander off the straight and narrow quite a bit. At this point you should be looking at what major destinations you and your family want to see. You could come basically through the mid section of the country, seeing Arches National Park, crossing the Colorado Rockies, stopping in St. Louis, etc., or you could swing a bit farther north and go by way of Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, Chicago and Niagara Falls. Once you have a basic route such as one of those that works for you, we can try to help fill in some of the details.


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