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    We are planning a road trip along the West Coast for the end of the summer. We have recently graduated from college so some of the things we have to keep in mind while planning is budget and what would be of most interest to our age range. We have about 2 weeks to travel and it would be a round trip starting from the south. We need all the suggestions we can get!


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    Default More questions than answers.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With all age groups having wide and varying interests the "what would be of most interest to our age group" doesn't tell me much ;-) It could go from wild parties and City life to National parks and serenity, or a mixture of all. Where are you starting from ? How many in your group ? Is camping an option ? Have you your own transport ?

    Take a look at these threads and have a good search throughout the RTA site for budget tips, route finding and Lot's more, like the compatibility test, as a fun way to make sure your age group all share the same interests and are on the "same page".

    If you have other questions when you have had a look around just ask !

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    Mixture of all....we are all in our 20's... own transport....everything else is up in the air...just want some ideas

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    Default basics first

    Well, before we can really give you much help at all, you need to figure out those basics that you say are up in the air.

    The links Dave provided will be some excellent tools to help you work those things out. We can't read your minds, and those basics will go a long way towards being able to narrow down the millions of possibilities into some suggestions that you'll actually be able to use.

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