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    How are my jolly American neighbours feeling this morning?

    Anyway, enough of the jovials...

    Me and a few mates after visiting your intriguing country in a few weeks stopping in Washington, Philli, New York, Niagara and Boston. We've hired a nice fuel-guzzling car for the 'New York - Niagara - Boston' segment of the trip and would like a bit of advice...

    The New York - Niagara leg will be completed in 1 day which doesn't really give us a chance for any stop-over. We'll be sharing driving three-ways and despite the journey being long (equivalent of driving full length of England!) we're happy with this approach. From looking at Google we'll be following the 209-81-86-390 roads.

    Now... the main tips I'm looking for is our return journey from Niagara to Boston as we've decided to add a random stop-over on our route to Boston.

    Looking at Google we'll basically be driving along the 90 road...

    - Is there anywhere along this route you would recommend we visit?
    - Where would you recommend to be a mid-way, quite interesting stop-over? We were thinking Albany although the appeal of stopping somewhere completely random interests me more e.g. lake, national park etc.

    The only criteria we have is...
    - We must have the car returned to Boston by 5:30pm
    - The place we stop-over must have somewhere, preferrably a bar, broadcasting the England v Algeria World Cup Football (Soccer) match.
    - We won't be leaving the stop-over until 1pm due to the soccer so we must be able to reach Boston within 4 and half hours (taking in to factor traffic etc)

    Another quick question...
    - Roughly, how much will petrol cost for the whole journey - New York to Niagara to Boston.

    Many thanks for your help and look forward to visiting your country.

    If you have any questions about the glorious country of England please ask away.

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    I can answer the petrol question - about $200.

    If you do decide on the Albany area, it's about 3 hours to Boston via I-90 with no traffic delays. With the possibility of rush hour traffic delays getting into Boston, that should be safe. I'd think you would need to be somewhere that's relatively civilized in order to find a bar with the possibility of having that match - soccer (football) is not very popular over here.

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    Thanks glc

    I think we'll probably end up in Albany but may push a bit further. Is there anything of interest in Albany? What about nightlife?

    You guys should really show more enthusiasm for soccer. It's the greatest sport in the world :)

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Google gives a fine overview of RoadTrips in America, but there are so many other things to consider when traveling than just the few criteria considered by any mapping software, that you do yourself a disservice by following its advice (or a GPS) slavishly. For example. there are 'straighter', more interesting ways to get to Niagara Falls from New York than the route you describe that can still be driven in a day. Head out of New York on I-80 west to I-380 up to Scranton, PA. There pick up US-6 west to North Towanda, and US-220 north to Waverly, NY, rejoining NY-17/I-86/I-390 up to Geneseo. There use NY-63 to cut cross-country to Batavia and NY-5 to run parallel to I-90 to Pembroke where you'd hop back on the Interstates (motorways) up to the Falls. I think you'll find that a much more interesting drive and it won't take that much longer to drive, as I say still doable in a day. Between Niagara Falls and Boston, check out some of these routes and stops. Halfway would be roughly Utica, NY.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Actually, it won't be hard at all to find your game. All of the World Cup games are being broadcast on ESPN (or their sister networks ESPN2 and ABC), so pretty much every bar with a TV will be able to get the game, and actually, the World Cup is a big enough event that your big sports fans will be following it, even if they don't usually follow Soccer otherwise.

    (BTW, its not that Americans don't like Soccer. Its a great game for our kids to play, since nothings really more basic than telling kids to go run around and chase after a ball, but once they reach about age 10 we like to teach them sports that involve a little skill and strategy!) (ducks)

    Specifically speaking for the UK/Algeria game, its being shown on ESPN-2 at 2pm Eastern Time on Friday June 18th. Since its a Friday afternoon, there won't be many other sports on, so it should be easy to get a bar to turn it on for you. Here's the TV Schedule for the entire tournament.

    As far as things to do between Niagara and Boston, here are many great suggestions that you can take a look at.

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    If it's being shown at 2pm, you are going to need to get to Boston before then so you can turn in the car.

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    Thanks for the tips!

    Glad the World Cup is getting the coverage it deserves even if I will be the only person in the bar watching! :) I don't mind US sports and enjoy watching Superbowl. Although I've never quite grasped Baseball? This has to be one of the most boring sports around, closely followed by Cricket :)

    Anyway... back to travelling...

    We've decided to take a completely different route. The car hire has been extended by a day and the new route will be...

    New York to Niagara to Montreal and the down to Boston. I'll do a search of the forum to view travelling tips from Niagara to Montreal as no doubt you guys are fed up with repeating yourselves to lazy posters like me who could simply search your forum for an answer.

    One question though... will I need another visa for visiting Canada? and will re-entry back to US be simple?

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    You definitely need to get permission from the rental agency to take the car into Canada. If you are on the visa waiver program, re-entry into the US isn't a problem as multiple entries are authorized, but if you have a standard visa it needs to be a multiple entry visa. In order to qualify for the visa waiver program, your passport must be electronically readable and valid for at least 6 months after your trip. Canada does not require a visa for UK citizens, just a passport and proof of sufficient funds.

    The only possibly tricky thing to go between Niagara and Montreal is getting through Toronto. You would take the Queen Elizabeth Way out of Niagara, but then take 403 in Burlington. You don't want to take 407 as it's a toll road that mails the bill if you don't have a transponder. From there, there's a few ways to get through Toronto, but you need to get on 401 to continue to Montreal.

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    As ever, thanks again glc.

    Looking at the google, we're looking for a very scenic journey around Lake Ontario and we're thinking QE Way then 2 then 403.

    We've already spoken to car rental company and they're comfortable with us taking car in to Canada. We're also entering US under the VWP so everything should be good.

    Think we're planning on having a nights camping somewhere around Lake Ontario and then driving to Montreal early next morning to catch the mighty Three Lions of England in the World Cup.

    Becoming more excited by the day... thanks guys.

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    I don't know if Google shows it as such, but 407 is toll from the QEW/403 junction in Burlington all the way to the end east of Toronto. I also understand that if you do not take the toll road, Toronto can be a difficult area to get through - it's Canada's largest city and traffic can be terrible.

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