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    We are planning a trip from Moscow, Idaho to New York City, New York. We have about 12 to 23 people going. We are taking a few vans..... The kids ages are as follows 17,15,12,4,2 and than there is the adults ages are 18-65 and we are looking to have fun and visit alot of places. We are looking to have a senic route but be able to stop at alot of fun place. Does anyone have any suggests for the best route to take and what kind of attractions to take the kids and adults to? We plan on stopping in a lot of the state...

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    Best is always a tough one, because it depends on too many individual factors of your specific interests. However, in your case with a group this size, you're already herding cats, so to speak.

    The most straightforward route would be to take I-90 all the way to Cleveland and then I-80 into New York. This route has a nice mix of attractions, you've got the Natural - places like The Black Hills/Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands, you've got the tacky tourist stops like Wall Drug and the Corn Palace, You've got amusement park meccas in the Wisconsin Dells and Sandusky Ohio, you've got college towns like Madison and South Ben, and you've got major cities like Chicago and Cleveland.

    The best case this would be a full 5 days of driving each way, but with your large group and desire to frequently stop, you'll likely need much more time.

    With a group this size - especially if you end up on the high end - you might actually be better off looking into hiring a motorcoach bus.

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    we planed on going from state to state and are not looking at time just attractions and site seeing......

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    "looking to have fun and visit a lot of places...state to state..." Well, then, try these.


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