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    Hi, I just found this site and it appears filled with wonderful ideas and people. Here goes, I am 41 and have M.S. I do not anticipate being able to drive past this year, So I would like to take a road trip this year with my 12 year old daughter while I am still able and she can enjoy it. We will have about 2 - 3 weeks for this in July. Not sure where to go.. East coast, Florida, out West ? I would like this to be educational for her but ultimately just a chance to have fun. Any suggestions are sincerely appreciated

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    All of those a great places that you could go, and certainly have a fun and educational trip. However, the answer for which you should choose depends largely on one thing no one here can answer: Where do you and your daughter want to go?

    From a logistical perspective, I probably would lean against the west coast unless you've got a bit more than 2 weeks. You'd be looking at a minimum of 8 days driving to get to the Pacific (4 each way) so your time for enjoyment would start to deminish - but even there, if for example seeing California is something that both of you have always wanted to do, and you are limited to just 2 weeks, you could even make that happen.

    Sit down with her, pull out a big map, and just start coming up with ideas for places that would be a must see - for you. Once you've got an idea of what your ideal trip would be, then we can do much more to help you put it all together

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There are so many options, thousands upon thousands in fact, therefor it is difficult to offer meaningful advice without knowing much about your interests and how much driving you wish to do, although as my board name would suggest, I am a big fan of "Out West". Colorado and Utah have great scenery, small towns and a number of wonderful National parks and could be an option. Nearer to home are the Smokey mountains, Blue ridge and Shenandoah NP along the Appalanchian mountains.

    I would take a look around the RTA pages, not only are there many threads you can search for on the forums, but pages of trip planning tips and routes in the tool bars above. Have a good map to hand and put some dots on it, the one thing I would strongly recommend is to let your daughter have some input and plan together from the start, that will make it truly memorable !

    Good luck and enjoy the planning together and when you have some dots on the map be sure to drop by and we can help fill in the blanks !

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