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    Hi -

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions and road trip ideas. My daughter (15 yo) and I will be making a roadtrip to Broomfield, CO in late June for a softball tournament. I want to take a few days to make the drive up more pleasurable and would appreciate any suggestions on routes and "must see" stops. We will spend about a week in Broomfield before heading back home. We can also take a few detours on the way back. I look forward to the suggestions & ideas.


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    Houston to Broomfield via fastest route is a full 2 days drive. This gives you one day each way to play with. The fastest route is via Dallas, Amarillo, and Raton. Going via El Paso would make this 3 full days. You may want to look for attractions in southern and eastern Colorado and through New Mexico for your diversions. You may be best served by moving your schedule back or forward 1 day - take 2 or 4 days to get there via fastest route and 4 or 2 days on the way back. This would let you wander farther afield on the 4 day end, maybe even get out to Utah.

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    Default Some possibles.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As already said, there isn't much free time to play with but some options you could choose from would be ; Taos Pueblo NM, Great sand dunes NP, Royal gorge [Canon city], and near to Colorado Springs is Garden of the Gods and Wind of the caves, all in Colorado.

    If possible, I like glc's idea of taking your time in one direction, as in getting there direct, and have a mini road trip coming home. If you could add a day or 2 it could be quite some trip !

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