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    Planning a trip in July with mom 70 and two kids 8&12.
    Couple of dilemmas- first is vehicle choice. Truck with small camper (22 ft) or larger crossover vehicle. Both have definite advantages but don't know if cost of towing outweighs cost of hotels. We are experienced campers and I have driven trailers over some pretty hairy roads. Cost is something we want to make sure we keep as low as possible while still enjoying the experience.
    The trip itself is another issue. We're coming from Cincinnati area and visiting cousins in St. Louis, El Paso, Colorado Springs, Santa Fe, and Vegas. We also want to hit a few of the "big spots" like Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, Yellowstone,etc. Time isn't really an issue since we have the month of July and are planning on staying several days in an area.
    Any suggestions or cautions?

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    Sounds like fun, Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With a Month to meander around you could get to see a few "big spots" at a relaxed pace, but there are many of them to choose from and time will soon go. You will find routes, travel tips and lots of threads on the RTA pages to help you with your planning so be sure to look around.

    It's not clear whether you own the choice of vehicles or if you are deciding which to rent. If you enjoy camping and have a camper it seems to me like a "done deal," but if you are renting one, a car and Motels could work out cheaper, especially if you are staying with relatives for parts of the way. In places like Grand canyon and Yellowstone lodgings can be expensive, and camping relatively cheap, but in either case it wouldn't surprise me if they are already booked up. You should be OK though in the surrounding areas, although the closer by the quicker they book up.

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