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  1. Default Greenville, SC to Washington, DC with an infant *gulp*

    Hi, I just discovered this website, what a fabulous resource!

    We're planning a trip up to DC in a few days and I'm debating what route to take. Normally we do this trip as fast as possible, taking the I-85/I-95 route, but we will have a 4 month old baby with us this time and I really don't know what to expect. Hopefully she'll spend a lot of time sleeping. But if she is too upset and I'm having to take long breaks, I may have to break my trip up into two days. My options as I see it are:

    1) Take our usual 85->95
    2) 85->US-29 in Greensboro
    3) Go up via I-81

    Any opinions? I'm thinking the important points are: plenty of rest stops and least amount stop and go traffic as possible (you know how babies are when you stop the car). A few possible hotels would good too, if we need to stop overnight (Fairfield Inn/Hampton Inn quality).

    I had read that VDOT closed some of the rest stops on I-81 in 2009. Are they all open again?

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    Default Apologies.

    Hello and a rather belated welcome to the RTA forums !

    Sorry that you appear to have "slipped through the net" unnoticed, we always try and say a "Hello" to our new members same day.

    I am not familiar with the area you are travelling through, but if you are happy with taking your usual route and want to get there as quickly as possible that is what I would do. I take it you will be more familiar with the rest stops on that route and I would recommend doing what it is you want to do, the baby will ! ;-) You will most likely feel more comfortable with familiar surroundings and if the point of the trip is to get from A to B, no need to change.

    As you say "we're" I presume there is the two of you travelling with baby so that whoever is not driving can offer comfort if needed. The most important thing is for the driver not to be stressed or distracted when/if baby is crying, it's just there way of saying "pull over at the next safe spot, I need changing, a hug and/or some feed, before my next nap". What a life eh ?

    My mapping program is showing that taking US29/58/360 between Greensboro and Richmond [through Danville] is only slightly longer if you wanted a break from Interstate. You could do a little research on possible Motels but not knowing where you might stop won't help, but I would imagine if anything, it will be a short run next day from the Richmond area.

    Relax and enjoy the trip !

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