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  1. Default advice my first trip to California in RV

    I'm from South American, RV traveller, which just joined roadtripamerica. Since my native language is spanish, IŽll try to get the most information as possible from all you, expertise guys
    I'll go to California first time december late with my family and we are going to rent a motorhome at los angeles. We think to rent elmonterv, cruise america or moturis,any suggestions?

    I want advice from the circuit we have planned( 23 days total, from december 21 to january 12): we arrive to Los Angeles. and the suggested itinerarie is a round trip from LA to GrandCanyon,Las Vegas, death valley,yosemite, san francisco and then down the coast to los angeles.
    my questions? (which is better trip LA to las vegas and then grand Canyon or better LA ,grand canyon and then las vegas, which roads??) i don't know if I can visit Yosemite at winter? any other suggestion? perhaps Joshua tree, palm springs, tahoe lake, monument valley,etc?? we think to have 3 or 4 days San Francisco, 4 or 5 days Los Angeles and the other options are open to your advice, how many days? Thank's to all the group and wait your response Daniel


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    In answer to your questions, I'd recommend going from LA to Grand Canyon, then back to Vegas because it will save you a couple hours of driving.

    Yes, you can visit Yosemite, but Tioga Pass will be closed and you'll have to cross the Sierras around Bakersfield and then enter the part from the West. You might also choose to visit Sequoia NP on your way.

    Also know that In addition to Yosemite, the Grand Canyon is also at a significant elevation which can and does see snow - and which may make staying in an RV uncomfortable.

    This is far and away the most popular trip on the forum, so you can also get a lot of information just by looking around. These threads are an excellent starting point. Let us know if you have any more questions.

  3. Default From la to grand canyon

    Thanks Michael which road do you suggest from los angeles to grand canyon? The shorter or most sccenic? Can you explain please
    you are very kind for the quick response to my post Daniel

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    The fastest way to the Grand Canyon is to take I-15 to I-40 to Williams Arizona. That is a full day on the road, so if you want to do the trip in one day that's really your best bet.

    If you've got a bit more time, then you could look at going out to Joshua Tree NP and then head over through Lake Havasu and cut north to I-40 in Arizona, but you'd want at least 2 days going this route.

  5. Default advice my first trip to California in RV in winter

    We are a family of 6 persons and we 'll travel to California for 20 days, from December 22 until January 11 roughly. I need advice on the best route and best sights to see in winter, our planned journey is from Los Angeles (where we arrive) to Grand Canyon, from there to Las Vegas where we stay Christmas, then we plan to go to Death Valley ?, Sequoia? and Yosemite park? and from there to San Francisco and along the coast back to Los Angeles.
    I wondered what is the best route at this time of the year, worth it the trip to Death Valley, Sequoia and Yosemite park or is too ambitious?. Of those which parks do you prefer in winter? or you have an alternate suggestions ?
    I have no experience in traveling in the snow with RV.
    Grateful greetings from Uruguay this is a great site congratulations
    sorry for my english I speak spanish
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    Default look up

    You've really just repeated the same questions you asked here a few months ago, so I would simply refer you to the answers you've already been given.

    If you have some more specific questions that haven't already been answered, we'll be glad to help you as best we can.

  7. Default

    sorry Michael you are right. To be more precise, which road do you recommend to go from las vegas to death valley, and from death valley to bakersfield in winter? which long it takes go from death valley to sequoia and yosemite? are Sequoia and yosemite similar or can i spare one or you suggest to visit both thanks Daniel

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    Default RV'ing in winter.

    From Vegas you can take 160 to Pahrump and the Ash Meadows/State line Rd to Death valley junction and 190. The 190 goes to 395 where you can head South, either on the 14 to to 58 to Bakersfield or head West past Lake Isabella on 178. How long it takes depends on how much sight seeing and detours you do. In an RV you could drive from Vegas to Lake Isabella/Bakersfield same day and do a little sight seeing. You could drive from Bakersfield to Yosemite same day but a detour into Sequoia NP will take most of that day up. Both Parks are incredible in their own right AND VERY INDIVIDUAL, Yes you could make comparisons, but only in a way that you could compare LA to NY.

    You have quite a bit of time to complete your trip so you need to look at maps and do a little research to see how you want to spend your time. When you have done this we can help fill in the blanks and make suggestions that might be beneficial.

    I love travelling in an RV, and have done so in wintry conditions. It can be fun but can also be challenging, especially in extreme weather, more so in your case I would imagine where there are six of you in tight quarters and nowhere to 'escape' to, if there are sub zero temps outside. Your RV will most likely have been winterised, in other words had all it's water tanks flushed and drained. You can fill them when travelling, but if overnight temps freeze the tanks and cause damage, you will most likely be held accountable for costs, so check your contract ! You will have to keep up to date with road and weather conditions while travelling and be prepared and willing to alter your plans accordingly. Sequoia NP in particular, has some pretty challenging mountain driving when in an RV, with poor conditions and/or snow on the ground it will become much more of a challenge.

    Get yourself an outlined plan set up and then we can guide you through it.

  9. Default

    This is our probably itinerary

    21/12/2010 arrive Los Angeles and take the RV about 15 hs then leave to grand Canyon, stay in the road or city? first night
    22/12 grand canyon stay at night
    23/12 after noon leave to las Vegas
    24/12 las Vegas
    25/12 Las Vegas to Death Valley stay at night
    26/12 Death Valley to yosemite park
    27/12 yosemite park
    28/12 Yosemite to San Francisco
    29/12 San Francisco
    30/12 San Francisco
    31/12 San Francisco
    01/01 San Francisco to Monterrey, Carmel and Big Sur ??(stay at night)
    02/01 Hearst Castle, Cambria and Morro bay??
    03/01 Lompac, Gaviota , Santa Barbara??
    04/01 Santa Barbara to Los Angeles Universal Studies
    05/01 Los Angeles Anaheim Disney
    06/01 Los Angeles
    07/01 Los Angeles
    08/01 Los Angeles
    09/01 los Angeles San Diego Los Angeles
    10/01 Los Angeles
    11/01 Los Angeles
    12/01 depart early at the morning airport to my country
    Is open to suggestions because is my first trip to California for example when driving from San Francisco Los Angeles, places to stay? roads ? and fill the blanks
    thanks Daniel

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    A couple of issues:

    First, most RV companies will not allow you to pick up an RV the same day you arrive on an international flight, so I suspect you'll have to rework that first day - and push everything else down a day. That's done for everyone's safety, as after a long flight the last thing you should be doing is getting behind the wheel of a large unfamiliar vehicle and try to embark on a long drive.

    I will also say that just in general, since the "roadtrip" portion of your trip to Grand Canyon/Death Valley/Yosemite is such a small portion of your overall trip - compared the the days upon days you are spending in cities like San Francisco and LA, I simply don't think an RV makes much sense for this trip. Those are not places where its going to be easy to get around in a big lumbering RV. I suspect you will have a more fun and relaxing experience if you stuck to driving a car.

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