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    Hi there RTA!
    I'm looking to rent an Rv next May 2011 & drive from Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe, I'm completely new to this and was wondering if anyone has ideas on how to go about planning the trip, and what the most reasonable companies to rent from. Is this trip do-able in 5 days? Thanks so much for your help!!!


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    You can drive from Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe, a little over 450 miles, in a single day of dedicated driving. But if you plan to stop and see things on the way, spend a few days at the lake, and return to Las Vegas, then 5 days might be the absolute minimum required and not leave a bunch of 'down time' at that. As far as how to plan such a trip, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of articles, hints and discussions all around this website. Unless you have specific questions, you'll need to start poking around and reading to get an idea of the basics as well as other things to consider. There are a couple of major RV rental companies in Las Vegas, including Cruise America and El Monte, as well as a large number of smaller outfits. As with car rentals, the devil is in the details and we can't recommend a single company as always offering the best deal. Shop around.


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