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    We (husband and I) leave Yosemite 19 June and have to be back in San Fransisco 12 July. In between we'd like to spend time around Anaheim visiting friends - perhaps about 7-10 days in all which could be split; visit Death Valley, Sequoia NP and Grand Canyon, and travel back up the coast to SF. This can be in any order. And we've also been told there may be problems getting around or finding accomodation 4 July time? We are RoadTrip virgins and would welcome advice! Thank you.

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    The order that lets you spend the most time at the sites you'll be traveling to and minimizes backtracking is to leave Yosemite eastbound through Tioga Pass (CA-120), come south on US-95 and enter Death Valley on NV-267 allowing a visit to Scotty's Castle. drive through the park to Furnace Creek and take CA-190 to the junction with CA-127 at Death Valley Junction and take the "local's route", Ash Meadows road to Parhump and NV-160 into Las Vegas. From there, US-93 south over the Hoover Dam to I-40 east and at Williams, take AZ-64 to the Grand Canyon. After exploring the Canyon return to I-40 and continue west to Barstow and take I-15 down to the Los Angeles area. From L.A. head north on I-5 and use CA-99 to CA-65 north to Exeter and CA-198 into Sequoia. Leaving Sequoia, take CA-198/CA-42/CA-46 west to San Luis Obispo and then follow the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) north to San Francisco.

    I wouldn't plan on being on the road a lot over the Fourth of July Weekend. Traffic will be a bear and this is a holiday best experienced by watching small town parades and fireworks in any event. Figure out ahead of time where you'll be and make reservations as early as you can.


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    Thank you - very helpful practical advice. Can you tell me how many days (approx) we should plan for the trip as you've described for the Yosemite - LA section with reasonable stop-overs (we're not too fussed about staying long in Las Vegas) and a day at the Canyon would be about right. And finally, how difficult is it to find accomodation along the route and should we book ahead? Once I know this I'll work out where we may be for 4 July - I'm thinking that it would be good to get to friends in LA by then!

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    On leaving Yosemite you will want to take your time going over Tioga pass [unless you have already during your visit] to stop and take in the views and possibly take short walks. You could get into Death valley the same day or spend a little time around Mono Lake etc and stop beforehand. Taking Bucks suggested route would take you to the old mining town of Tonopah, but you have an option to head down 395 through Bishop and Lone Pine and into Death valley. Stovepipe wells and Furnace creek have popular DV lodging [which has limited options] and would make overnight stops. So, one night perhaps a little rushed, two nights relaxed. From DV it's an easy run to Vegas so you need to work out how many nights to stay there.

    A 6 hour trip to the GC plus any time you might want to spend at the Hoover dam, and a couple of hours for Route 66 detour if you decide too. Witness a sunset and stay at the canyon, and then explore some more next day and stop close by for another night before heading to LA. It could be Flagstaff, Williams or further along the road around Kingman to reduce your travel time to LA. Don't be in a hurry to leave GC though, it is awesome !

    I would say that if you want to stay in Death valley and Grand canyon then booking is a must, there is a good chance they are already booked up. If so it will be worth looking at your options close by and checking out the availability situation.

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    Thanks again - lots to look forward to!

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