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  1. Default Route Suggestions Needed: Houston - Seattle 7 days

    I will be traveling in July from Houston to Seattle with my kids 9 & 12.
    I would love to see some scenic routes and have the occasional stopover.
    Some historical stops would also be welcomed. Also happy to camp one or two nights.

    I am flexible to any suggestions as to what I can visit on my way up to Seattle.

    I thought:

    Day 1: Houston - Austin - Carlsbad caverns
    Day 2: CC - Roswell - Sta Fe
    Day 3: Sta Fe - Pueblo - Denver
    Day 4: Denver - Cloud Park (Bighorn)
    Day 5: Cloud Park / Yellowstone
    Day 6: Yellowstone - Spokane
    Day 7 Spokane - Seattle

    I am happy to consider any suggestions forum members can offer to help make this
    an enjoyable trip of a lifetime for me and the kids.



    PS: Any advice on hotel/motel chain offers etc would be great too.

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    Default Only So Many Hours in a Day

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If this trip was just for you an/or your wife, then maybe (just maybe), but with kids along for the ride, what you have planned is simply too much. Driving 650 miles the first day would just force everybody to spend many, many hours cooped up in the vehicle and end the day tired, cranky, and in no mood for a grand adventure. Then the next day you're (presumably) going to try to tour the caves, visit Roswell and all its funkiness, and get a taste of Santa Fe. Oh and cover another 250 miles as well. Your third and fourth days are reasonable, only 400 miles each, but I'd be surprised if there are many words spoken during the drive to Denver, and those surly. Then, over the next two days your going to try to cover 800 miles AND see Yellowstone. Due to the nature of the roads and the traffic in the park, that is probably not possible even if you never get out of the car going through one of the most scenic, natural and wonderful of our national parks.

    All in all, I don't see how this is going to be an enjoyable trip. You're simply trying to cram too much in. So take a good hard look at what you really want to see and to show the kids and start paring back, but with a butcher knife. In the end, you may see fewer "must sees", but you'll enjoy the places you do get to and build much happier memories in the process.


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    Good answer AZBuck... I have thought more about adding another day or two on to the trip to be able to stop and smell the roses! However, if there are any great "pit stops" that the kids would enjoy along the way or perhaps another variation on the route definition - - then that would be great information. I mean - if I have to stop and eat, well if it´s the right place I can rest for an hour or two in a place that the kids will enjoy. The summer days are long so I do not mind stretching 10 - 12 hours between motels . . . . with perhaps 6/7/8 hours driving / day,....

    I still have plenty of time to plan. For me the "must sees" are - hopefully - the Carlsbad Caves, Roswell (think it´ll give the kids a break), Yellowstone (and Glacier) Parks . . . . really don´t know what else would be of fun/value.... hope to hear more suggestions from all! :-)

    Here is a modification: Suggestions please!

    Day 1: Houston - Austin - San Antonio
    Day 2: San Antonio - Carlsbad Caverns (any interesting stopovers here????)
    Day 3: CC - Roswell - Sta Fe
    Day 4: Sta Fe - Pueblo - Denver
    Day 5: Denver - Cloud Park (Bighorn)
    Day 6: Cloud Park / Yellowstone
    Day 7: Yellowstone - Spokane
    Day 8: Spokane - Seattle

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    Day 1: Houston - Fort Stockton
    Day 2: Fort Stockton - Carlsbad
    Day 3: Carlsbad - Roswell - Santa Fe
    Day 4: Santa Fe - Cheyenne
    Day 5: Cheyenne - Bighorn
    Day 6: Bighorn - Yellowstone
    Day 7: Yellowstone - Butte
    Day 8: Butte - Seattle

    This is still going to be too rushed but with 8 days it's the best you are going to do.

  5. Default Thanks GLC!

    Thanks GLC . . . obviously there are many places to stop and see, is there any
    particular reason you suggest Fort Stockton, Cheyenne and Butte that would make them worthwhile.

    For example - is Cheyenne where the Indian tribe originated from and is there something
    close by worth a visit?

    I´m thinking of skipping Austin right now:
    I figure if I get away early I can visit San Antonio for a three hours around lunchtime
    and then drive on to Fort Stockton ( or somewhere similar along the I 10) again where
    I would hopefully get to see/meet more than a Motel 6 or a truckstop :-)

    Again - all help and suggestions very appreciated.

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    Those 3 have been suggested strictly from a logistics standpoint - driving as far as you reasonably can each day. I am strictly targeting your wishes to spend some time at Carlsbad, Roswell, Bighorn, and Yellowstone.

    I'm suggesting you drive from Houston straight to Fort Stockton without any delays. That's a full day's drive. You do not have any extra time to play with here - what you really want to do will take 2 weeks.

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    Thanks once again GLC.

    My idea of looking for help here is not simply to "target my wishes"
    but hopefully to meet others who have taken this route and may
    have done it differently and can add a new dimension and experience
    to the journey.

    Hopefully I´ll see some of those suggestions soon too.

    GS :-)

    PS: I think now I´m going to need 10 days at least for such a drive if I want to take in scenery and places....

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    Due to dates, I´ll be driving the other way: Seattle - Houston.

    However, hire cars cost about $1300 for a one way (one month hire).

    Any suggestions as to how to lower this cost?
    Cheaper to fly - but I´ll see nothing!!!

    A friend suggested I drive someone´s car as in transporting it to Houston.
    Know of any web sites?

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    Default Drive Away Firms

    Quote Originally Posted by GreatScot View Post
    A friend suggested I drive someone´s car as in transporting it to Houston.
    Know of any web sites?
    They don't often line up that well -- but here's some information about so-called Drive Away firms:
    Directory by state
    Auto Driveway -- the other transport service

    And then this service -- might be a way of earning some cash as you go

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    Hi Mark:

    Thx for those pages.

    So far, can´t see anything there .- but I´ll keep an eye on them.



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